HVAC System for Hotels

  • Overview

Comfortable stay for your guests

Providing hotel guests with a safe, comfortable and healthy stay is first and foremost about the basics: ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures and sufficient hot water throughout day and night.
With an average of 50% share in the energy costs, HVAC systems are required to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible operation costs while Electric Heating by Danfoss used for the outdoor and indoor application brings visitors’ experience to the new level of perception. ​

Danfoss HVAC solutions​

We offer an extended range of products and solutions for the production, distribution, hydronic balancing and temperature control of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.​
With years of experience in assisting hotel owners, hotel management and technical staff, we have proven that reliability, energy efficiency and cost savings can be achieved at the same time.​
Danfoss’ HVAC solutions for hotels can be used in renovation or new build projects, are easy to install and can achieve significant savings on the energy bill.​

Electric Heating by Danfoss

​We offer an extended range of products and solutions for:​
Safety ensuring efficient snow removal by keeping area free from ice and snow 24/7​
Comfort with invisible floor heating and mist free mirrors ​
Health provide appropriate disinfection to suppress the Legionella bacteria in hot water systems.​

How we can help you

Indoor comfort with accurate temperature control and reliable supply

Reliable water supply for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Anti-legionella protection and electronic temperature registration

Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance

Reduced total cost of ownership 

One manufacturing partner for all HVAC systems

Energy efficient and sustainable solutions

Innovative products enabling smart IoT solutions and data collection

Adapt capacity to actual demand

Reduce wear and tear

Secure uptime with condition-based monitoring

Efficient snow removal - area is kept free from ice and snow 24/7

Avoiding unforeseen building repair costs after winter

Danfoss HVAC 4.0 solutions for smart buildings

This is where the HVAC transformation starts

Find out more about our smart, Building Management System (BMS) connected, HVAC solutions here: