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Comfortable stay for your guests

Providing hotel guests with a comfortable stay is first and foremost about the basics: ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures and sufficient hot water throughout day and night.  

But with an average of 50% share in the energy costs, HVAC systems are required to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible operation costs. 

Danfoss HVAC solutions

We offer an extended range of products and solutions for the production, distribution, hydronic balancing and temperature control of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.

With years of experience in assisting hotel owners, hotel management and technical staff, we have proven that reliability, energy efficiency and cost savings can be achieved at the same time.

Danfoss’ HVAC solutions for hotels can be used in renovation or new build projects, are easy to install and can achieve significant savings on the energy bill.

Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszow

Keeping your hotel and the hotel rooms utmost comfortable for your guests at any given day in any season: The Hilton Garden Inn at Rzeszow, Poland made this into its top priority and delivered an inspirational success story using Danfoss AB-QM valves.

How we can help you

Indoor comfort with accurate temperature control and reliable supply

Reliable water supply for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Anti-legionella protection and electronic temperature registration

Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance

Reduced total cost of ownership 

One manufacturing partner for all HVAC systems

Energy efficient and sustainable solutions

Innovative products enabling smart IoT solutions and data collection

Related applications

Danfoss HVAC solutions are part of many technical hotel applications. Click on below applications to find out more about the specific applications and our possible solutions:

  • Air handling units
    Air Handling Units should exhaust the right amount and right temperature of air at the right moments into a building. Danfoss control valves and actuators ensure the best indoor comfort established in the most energy efficient way. They accurately control the water (heated or cooled) flow into the AHU so the exhaust air temperature matches the desired temperature.
  • Chillers - Danfoss
  • Cold rooms - Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration
    Cold rooms
    Danfoss solutions for cold rooms help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption and therefore contribute to reducing food loss and waste.
  • Connected systems
    Digitalization, remote access and Internet of Things (IoT) trends are increasingly important in HVAC applications. They drive the development of smart buildings and offer a significant energy efficiency increase by improving system performance based on building data. Danfoss offers different internet-connectable systems.
  • Domestic hot water
    Danfoss Domestic Hot Water systems provide everything for the production, storage, hydronic balancing, temperature control and temperature logging for drinking water in non-residential and apartment buildings. The systems established are high performing, provide comfort and hygiene and ensure maximum protection against legionella.
  • Frost and snow protection
    During winter time it can be hazardous to access commercial or public buildings. Snow covered parking lots, garage ramps, stairs and pavements need to be cleaned to allow visitors safe access. Danfoss offers highly effective frost and snow protection systems including all necessary products such as electric heating cables or mats, controllers, sensors and mounting accessories.

Case studies

  • Denmark's new climate-friendly hospitality giant depends on Turbocor® oil-free chiller
    Denmark's new climate-friendly hospitality giant depends on Turbocor® oil-free chiller
    The new Alsik hotel in Southern Denmark sets a higher standard in energy-efficiency and is built to reach 76% CO₂-neutrality. A main contributor is the 900-kW chillers by Clint (a company of G.I. Industrial Holding) which features award-winning Danfoss Turbocor oil-free compressors.
  • Central heating and air conditioning for Hotel Bulwar, Torun, Poland
    Building: Hotel Application: Production of sustainable heating and cooling Challenge: Establish cost and energy saving heating and cooling Solution: 5 heat pumps in cascade
  • Heating facility reconstruction in Kopaonik mountain resort, Serbia
    Building: Hotel Application: Hydronic balance, control and monitoring of a heating system Challenge: Improve the energy efficiency of old heating system Solution: Danfoss installed motorized control valves, hydronic balancing valves and electronic controllers with monitoring software
  • High-end climate solutions in Waldorf Astoria by Hilton, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Building: Hotel Application: Hydronic balancing and control for radiator heating and fan coil cooling Challenge: Establish top level comfort and minimum energy consumption for heating and cooling Solution: Fan-coil units for cooling; 8 heating risers and radiators equipped with Danfoss products.
  • Radiator thermostats for the only 7-star hotel in the world, Morgan Plaza, China
    The Beijing Olympics began on the 8th of August 2008, but the preparation went on for years. That included the building of the so far only fourth 7-star hotel in the world – ‘The Beijing 7-stars Morgan Plaza'. Construction of Morgan Plaza began in 2002 and finished just in time for the Beijing Olympics.
  • Savings on energy costs in Sunway resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Building: Hotel Application: Hydronic balancing and control of water-based cooling system Challenge: Proof effectiveness of PIBCV valves Solution: Comparison test with Hydronic analyzer between traditional and PIBCV balancing and control options