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Specifying tall buildings across the UK

At Danfoss we aim to create comfortable, efficient, and sustainable environments for occupants of tall buildings whilst optimising building performance and simplifying the construction of the building. We continue to be a trusted partner for specifiers in the UK as we have extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies to meet the complex construction challenges of tall buildings.

Here we have hand-picked all our tall buildings solutions across our sectors to create a central platform to assist specifiers. Here you will find:

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What is a tall building?

In the ever-evolving world of architecture and engineering, the race to reach new heights has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in constructing tall buildings. From awe-inspiring skyscrapers to towering landmarks, these structures stand as symbols of human ambition and technological prowess. However, behind their grandeur lie a multitude of challenges that architects, engineers, and construction teams must overcome to bring these colossal structures to life.

From an engineering point of view a building becomes tall when the height of the building means the engineering requires to build it changes. There is no strict rule, but generally we would consider buildings that go above 20 stories require changes in design, such as pressures of heating and cooling systems. 

Take a look at our article from the Danfoss Press Office on the strategies, challenges and solutions for optimising tall building development.   

Tall buildings are also a stark visual confirmation of many global megatrends that only show signs of accelerating.  Many of these global megatrends are driving the rise of tall buildings – both in the UK – and indeed the rest of the world.

Urbanisation is rapidly increasing as a growing global population sees more people migrating to urban areas seeking the economic, social, and cultural opportunities are offered in urban areas. However, space in urban areas is already at a premium, resulting in high costs for that available space.  With limited and expensive space on the ground, cities are forced to embrace verticality to accommodate the increasing demand for housing, offices, and infrastructure. Tall buildings offer a viable solution by maximising land use efficiency and optimising urban density.

Tall buildings, and urban areas in general, are swiftly embracing digitalisation as it can transform the way they function and enhance the overall quality of life for residents. Digitalisation can lead to more efficient services, improved mobility, and transport - and sometimes less need to travel. It can also improve access to employment, education and training and can stimulate growth. In tall buildings, digitalisation can demonstrate improved communication, and can deliver greater comfort through optimised district energy and IoT derived predictions and learnings of heating systems.

This all feeds into two other megatrends which are electrification and climate change.  Climate change is a global issue, and something which many countries and regions are trying to tackle.  It is this that has driven electrification and therefore the move away from fossil fuels. Tall buildings through the use of sustainable energy, efficient construction and optimum efficiency when in use can help support these two important linked megatrends.

The growth in urbanisation and therefore the increase in tall buildings shows no sign of slowing down, both in the UK and globally.  Therefore, it is a huge opportunity to make these buildings as efficient and comfortable and affordable as possible.  A number of solutions are already available to support increased building and meet these opportunities.


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