Potable Water Solutions for Tall Buildings

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Quality potable water solutions for tall buildings

Protecting public health is crucial for any residential community and preventing contamination of the public water supply is a primary concern. Even the smallest amounts of bacteria or trace metals can cause sickness or disease, so governing bodies have been tightening the regulations concerning water systems.

This means that every component must have the right approvals and meet strict legislative requirements, while still performing reliably at a high level.

Danfoss solenoid valves have undergone rigorous testing and meet or exceed many European regulations and standards including the British WRAS, the Swedish RISE, the Norwegian SINTEF and the German DVGW approvals for drinking water.

Another key feature which applies to all our approved valves is our high-quality EPDM sealing material. This sealing is fully compliant with new strict European regulations and protects the consumer against bacterial and other hazardous contamination.

As a BREEAM partner, water wastage can also be limited with Watersavers Auto Water Shut Off Kit which utilises Danfoss solenoid valves to limit water flow to when users are present, reducing wastage from leaks. 

Discover the Auto Shut-off Kit