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Branch, tall buildings, Danfoss

Securing the solutions for the branch construction of tall buildings

Branch construction is a feature of urban, high-rise developments and at Danfoss, we have a range of heating, water, and fire safety solutions along with useful BIM drawings and technical information to specify the branch construction of your tall building.


Branch Construction - Heating

Branch construction plays a pivotal role in delivering optimal comfort and warmth to buildings of all sizes. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial spaces, the right heating solutions can make a significant difference in occupant satisfaction and overall energy efficiency. Discover a cutting-edge range of products and technologies designed to revolutionise branch construction in the HVAC sector. Danfoss offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that will elevate your branch construction projects to new heights of performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Potable water

Potable water for Branch Construction

Branch construction plays a crucial role in delivering clean and safe drinking water to every corner of a building. From residential properties to commercial establishments, ensuring optimal water quality is vital for the health and satisfaction of occupants. Key aspects of potable water solutions in branch construction include water quality and safety; system efficiency; space optimisation and flow control and pressure management.

Fire safety

Fire Safety Solutions for Branch Construction

It is clear that robust fire safety solutions in branch construction projects are of paramount importance to the safety of the structure and occupants. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial structures, fire safety considerations are critical to safeguarding lives and property. Key aspects of fire safety solutions in branch construction include detection, accessibility and fire suppression.  

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