Data center heat recovery and reuse

Data center heat recovery

Turn a challenge into an asset

For many data centers, utilizing surplus heat represents a massive potential in the journey towards decarbonizing operations. With Danfoss, you get the sustainable solutions needed to capture the heat generated in data centers and reuse it in heating systems.

Data centers by reusing surplus heat

How to decarbonize your data centers by reusing surplus heat

Already, utilizing surplus heat with heat recovery units is used by some data centers to decarbonize operations. Likewise, the first cities are benefitting from recovered data center heat being turned into thermal energy in district heating systems. Still, with the available technology, data center heat reuse represents a major untapped potential in the green energy transformation.

Danfoss are helping the data center industry capture and repurpose kilowatts of heat generated by processing data. With us, you get the solutions and know-how to transform data centers into heat suppliers, benefitting society and the green transition.

Our offerings for district energy applications include optimization software, heat recovery units, energy transfer stations, solutions for heat pumps, and energy-efficient components. Plus a range of practical yet advanced heating solutions for the industrial, commercial, and comfort applications at the receiving end of heating systems.

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A complete portfolio for district energy applications, delivered by highly experienced air conditioning and heating experts

Innovative and highly energy-efficient solutions for heat pumps connected to district networks

Optimized system control and distribution of waste heat utilization

Integrated components for correct hydronic balancing, high safety, and durability - from data center to home

Smart energy metering equipment

All Danfoss products are manufactured according to PED 2014/68/ EU and comply with ISO9001/ISO14001/ IATF 16949 automotive

Why the data center industry is turning to heat recovery

In data centers, surplus heat is primarily generated by IT equipment (e.g. servers) as part of data center operation. Traditionally, the heat has been discharged into the air, but, the heat from data center cooling systems can be used for heating nearby buildings: homes, production industry, public building spaces, or even the local swimming pool. In this way, recovering waste heat represents a massive opportunity for modern data centers to become more environmentally friendly and benefit society on a whole new level.


Solutions and technology for data center heat recovery and reuse

From waste heat recovery in the data center through the district energy system and into nearby homes: With our industry-leading solution portfolio we can help data centers looking to turn waste heat into recycled heat every step of the way.

Copenhagen district heating

District energy: A highly efficient and sustainable solution for cities

As cities around the world strive to become more climate-friendly, more and more are turning to district energy. By connecting renewable sources and streams of surplus heat from local industry, district energy systems can be highly efficient and sustainable.

But as cities continue to grow and increasingly rely on multiple energy sources, the networks are becoming more complex. Preventing downtime is critical, and Danfoss has the solutions that can keep the plants up and running, as well as help them leverage renewable energy sources and become more sustainable. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of 4th generation (4G) district energy and a number of products and services that can maximize your district heating’s potential. 

Beyond our substantial technical expertise, we realize that today’s district energy utilities are doing more than just supplying heating and cooling to the end-user. You are influencing and operating according to political energy targets and available technologies. Danfoss can show you how district heating utilities play a critical role in lowering CO2 emissions and optimizing energy consumption in cities.

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Heat distribution networks

Heat distribution networks: Safe, sustainable, and scalable

A district energy network is extremely flexible and can be used to heat as few as 30-40 buildings. This provides data centers an accessible path to becoming energy suppliers with a network that can grow as funding, planning, and other opportunities become available.

Efficient operation of the network requires that the entire value chain from data center over distribution to usage is designed and maintained to ensure optimum balance. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you design the optimal network, whether you are building a new heat energy network from scratch or connecting a data center to an existing network.

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Waste heat recovery cases

More solutions for data centers

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Data center owners and managers are under increasing pressure to reduce power consumption, all the while uptime and scalability are ever more critical factors. With Danfoss’ sustainable data center solutions, you can have it all.

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