Installers: How to increase the energy efficiency of heating systems

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Reduce energy waste and help saving money on the heating bills

With energy costs rising, consumers are looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their heating systems. For many, that will mean switching to a more efficient heat source. And while that’s a great first step, there’s so much more you as an installer can do for them. For example, by installing thermostatic radiator valves, a quick, simple addition to your customer’s heating system, you can help them reduce energy waste and save money on their heating bills. They get a better performing heating solution, and you get more satisfied customers.   

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Quiz: True or false about saving energy

Quiz: Heating system optimization​

Do you know facts from fiction when it comes to optimizing the heating systems?

More about radiator thermostats and valves

Learn how to boost condensing boiler efficiency with TRV

See how Danfoss Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) optimize the efficiency of condensing boilers in radiator heating systems. The efficiency is increased because TRV's lower the return temperature, supporting the condensing boiler to run in condensing mode most of the operation time. TRV's are the simplest and most effective solution for new EU regulations mentioned in the EPBD.

Read more about energy-efficiency in buildings here

10 Years Warranty

Radiator thermostats and valves

Quality can make all the difference in a day. We strive to simplify your day with high quality products you can count on and we offer 10 years warranty when the thermostat and valve are installed together by you as a professional installer. 


How does a radiator thermostat work?

See how a Danfoss radiator thermostat works, what are the main components, how to mount the thermostat on the valve, learn more about limitation and recommended settings.

How to increase the energy efficiency of heating systems

When switching from natural gas to district heating or heat pump there are some aspects you should always take into consideration. Check these 3 tips to make heat source change a success.

Did you know?

System balancing in buildings

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings is about more than equipment. It’s also about looking at how heating and cooling are distributed from the central generator to the individual rooms.

This paper, “System Balancing for Technical Building Systems: A great opportunity for energy savings and comfort”, published by the European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac), explains why it’s important to optimize heating and cooling systems and how this can translate to energy savings. 

Read the whitepaper (eu.bab website)


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Tools and apps

Related products

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    Radiator thermostats overview

    Danfoss radiator thermostats maintain constant desired room temperatures, individually room by room and help to reduce energy consumption. Mechanical thermostats or smartphone controlled thermostats - find them all here.

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    Radiator valves

    Robustly built and designed to meet the rigors of the commercial and industrial sectors, a comprehensive range of Danfoss radiator valves is available for practically all systems and installation conditions.

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    Electronic radiator thermostat – Danfoss Ally™

    Danfoss Ally™ gives you all the benefits of a full-blown smart heating system – in a simple easy-to-use app.
    With Danfoss Ally™ you get full control of your radiator and hydronic floor heating as well as your heating bill. From virtually anywhere and at any time whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Related applications

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    Electric floor heating

    Electric underfloor heating for all types of floors

    Electric heating is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly floor heating solution. It is flexible for new build homes and renovations for both wet and dry installation.​

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    Hydronic balancing and control

    Danfoss hydronic balance and control solutions ensure an optimized distribution of heating and cooling water in HVAC systems. The recommended solution depends on the system; constant flow or variable flow systems, the application; heating and/or cooling and heat emitters; radiators, terminal units or others.

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    Room temperature control

    Radiator thermostats and room temperature controller systems compensate for fluctuating heating requirements, keeping the temperature in every room at the level individually set by the resident.

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    Smart heating

    Danfoss smart heating enables you to adjust heating to your daily schedule and control it using smart phone.
    Danfoss smart heating has a solution for every home and need– from a stand-alone smart radiator thermostat to a complete smart heating system for total control anytime and anywhere.

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    Underfloor heating - hydronic

    Danfoss is the best partner to establish your hydronic (water-based) floor heating system. The broad range of underfloor heating products containing panels, pipes, manifolds, mixing-shunts and room temperature controls offers a high-quality solution for every new-build and renovation project.


Danfoss learning - online training free of charge

Visit our Learning Center

Danfoss offers online training materials for technicians working with radiator or floor heating. There are 4 e-lessons available free and on-demand through Danfoss Learning portal. For more information, register in our support section by following the link or find the overview of available relevant trainings in the table below. 

Training sessions on radiator thermostats and valves


Case stories


So many questions, but so little time 

Do you want to save time, but still answer questions your customers might have? Here you will find some materials that can help you save some time. 

Saving energy

7 easy ways to save money on your heating bill
Your home is your most important environment – this is the place where you eat, sleep, relax and raise your children. In regards to it, it is a little miracle if you would like to have a real room comfort without a constant adjusting of your thermostats. This could result in undesirable room heating and unnecessary energy costs.

Solutions for homeowners

We have collected tips on how to save energy. Before choosing which is the right heating solution for your home, a good-to-know fact is that in Europe heating costs, represent a large part of the annual spend on energy consumption. In some countries up to 70% of the total spend. The remaining 30% is consumed for hot water in homes.

Turn up your savings

Turn up your savings

Save up to 46% on your energy consumption. 

If you want to reduce your heating bill without compromising comfort, look no further than radiator thermostats!