The easy way to smart radiator heating

Danfoss Eco™ knows when to keep you comfortably warm.

Danfoss Eco™ is the stand-alone smart radiator thermostat that gives you easy in-home control of each individual radiator.

Danfoss Eco™ thermostat works with Bluetooth® technology, which means that you can control your radiators from your smartphone, using the App. If you prefer to adjust your Danfoss Eco™ thermostat manually, you can also use the turn wheel to set the desired temperature.

Data protection between your smartphone and the Danfoss Eco™ is ensured with the highest level of security by continuously monitoring and improving our technical and organizational security measures.

Danfoss Eco™ – the smart radiator thermostat with Bluetooth technology

Danfoss Eco™ is easy to install, easy to use and gives you up to 30% savings on your heating consumption. Danfoss Eco™ is simply the easy way to smart radiator heating.

Danfoss Eco™ is the easy way to smart radiator heating.

Features and benefits

Up to 30% energy savings
(advanced heating control software)

In-home control of your radiator heating
- schedule to fit your life

Easy control of each individual radiator
via app on smartphone with Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth for thermostat programming 
< 10m

Easy and fast installation
Follow the 4 steps, it's as simple as that

Low noise level
< 30dB

Manual thermostat adjustment
with turn wheel solution