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For eight decades DEVI Electric Heating’s innovative solutions have been improving the quality of people’s lives by creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Electric heating cable technology is also widely used for outdoor heating applications to minimize the hazards of snow, ice and frost and to ensure the outdoor safety in winter period.


Electric Heating solutions for indoor comfort and outdoor safety

As the global supplier of electric indoor and outdoor heating solutions, we master advanced, heat-control technology that optimizes user comfort, safety and energy savings.

Electric heating products and solutions are applied almost everywhere and anywhere you can imagine. Electric heating is used in a wide range of applications; inside and outside residential houses, apartments, public buildings, in the infrastructure, sports fields and even in more specific areas ranging from elevators, trains to airports and highways.

Since 2003, DEVI Electric Heating is a part of Danfoss.

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Why electric heating?

Electric heating wind

Electric heating a good answer to rising energy costs

As the world faces rising gas prices and supply uncertainty, electric heating powered by electricity from renewable energy sources is gaining importance as a valuable and sustainable heating option.

Indeed, demand for electricity is forecast to grow to 30% in 2030 and to reach 50% by 2050 as we make the transition to climate neutrality. By 2050, the European Commission is aiming for 84 percent of this demand to come from renewable energy sources which will significantly decrease CO2 emissions. 

When combined with modern, intelligent controls electric heating can make grids smarter and facilitate renewable energy consumption. And moreover, with the use of electric heating, no harmful substances are emitted to the air or to the soil.

Electric underfloor heating is a major opportunity for Europe. This can play a significant role in helping Europe reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency in buildings, and ultimately enable Europe to meet its ambitious climate targets. 

heating energy

Electric heating is cost efficient solution

Electric underfloor heating in combination with solar PV is perceived for the most cost-efficient heating solution when it comes to highly insulated residential buildings. Electric underfloor heating is also set to become cheaper for consumers than traditional gas, liquid and solid fuel technology.

Electric heating enables a comfortable room temperature with the lowest possible energy consumption. Room temperature can be reduced by 1 - 2 °C on average compared to traditional radiator heating, saving energy use and costs. 99% of the energy consumed by the electric underfloor heating is converted into heat, thus maximizing its energy efficiency and avoiding unnecessary energy losses by having to circulate water, for example. 

electric heating meter

Why is electric heating energy efficient?

An electric heating system achieves the required temperature quickly depending on the floor construction, so rooms can be heated only when required for amazing energy savings. Together, the positioning of the source of heat under the floor and very precise thermostatic control ensure an exceptionally high level of energy utilization efficiency, for reduced energy consumption without compromising thermal comfort.

Benefits of electric underfloor heating

A comfortable ambient temperature and quick response time are just a couple of the benefits electric heating offers. Learn more about these and other benefits of electric heating.

Electric heating applications


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    Heating Mats

    The heating mats are used for installation in a thin layer of tile adhesive, self-leveling mixture, or similar. The standard minimum thickness of the floor layer is 5-8 mm while the thickness of electric heating mat is 3–4.5 mm. This minimizes the floor level increase. Electric heating mats consist of a thin cable securely fixed on self-adhesive glass-fiber mesh, usually of 50 cm width. Thin heating mats are manufactured as ready-made heating sections with a specific area (i.e. 0.5, 1, 1.5 … 12 m²) including a power supply cable (cold lead) and hermetically sealed connections.

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    Heating Cables

    Heating cables are used for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating and total heating both for small houses as well as large commercial buildings.
    Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new building or larger renovation projects.


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    Self-limiting Cables

    The self-limiting heating cables for indoors are used for maintenance of the hot water supply and other fluids that need to maintain a certain temperature. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output increases or decreases according to the surrounding temperature. It ensures hot water in all taps, providing savings compared to a circulatory hot water system.

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    Digital Thermostats

    Digital controllers have the unique features allowing you to reduce energy waste. Some thermostats are fitted with Wi-Fi allowing remote control of heating systems via mobile application.

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    Analogue Thermostats

    Analogue thermostats are electronic control units allowing setting the heating system type and adjustment of control parameters.​


Based on 80 years of experience, DEVI Electric Heating products deliver value for customers through quality, reliability and innovation and are backed by market-leading support. This support includes DEVIwarranty™ which covers not only cable or mat replacement but also the cost of installation and materials – for up to 20 years! The warranty is a series of five individual, best-in-market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using Electric Heating products.  

DEVI Electric Heating provides solutions for electric heating with a dedicated focus on advanced and user friendly systems, delivering all products dedicated to this for both indoor and outdoor.   

These solutions are covered by a wide range of products e.g. heating cables, heating mats, self-limiting cables, contemporary thermostats and accessories. 

Tools and apps


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    80 years of energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating innovation
    Friday, 6 January, 2023

    DEVI Electric Heating is creating more comfortable indoor environments with floor heating applications in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, infact anywhere where warmth is required. In addition to these indoor solutions, DEVI's electric heating cable technology is also widely used in outdoor applications, ensuring safety in winter period by minimizing the hazards of snow, frost and ice or their consequences.

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    Welcome to the new home of DEVI
    Friday, 6 January, 2023

    Welcome to the new home of DEVI
    DEVI and Danfoss electric heating are now in one place. We’re bringing all our DEVI and Danfoss electric heating content together to our global Danfoss website.

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    Switching to electric heating as a primary or comfort heating source is a future-proof decision​
    Friday, 18 November, 2022

    With energy costs – including the cost of electricity – rising in most European countries, the last thing on peoples’ minds might be switching to electric heating as a primary or comfort heating source for their homes. But could it be that electric has much more potential than people think? ​


DOs and DON’Ts for Indoor Electric Heating

DOs and DON’Ts for Indoor Electric Heating

Electric Heating is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly floor heating solution. You can use it for either newly constructed or renovated homes.

Case stories

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    Flat stations in apartment building in Hamburg, Germany

    Visitors to Hamburg’s Henriette-Herz-Ring who let their gaze drift upward will discover two shipping containers on the roof of the apartment building. They are the visible result of an innovative planning initiative to replace inefficient gas boilers with Danfoss flat stations. The highlight of this renovation: residents did not have to vacate their apartments.


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Danfoss offers online training materials for technicians and designers working with electric heating. All e-lessons are available free and on-demand through Danfoss Learning portal. For more information, register in our support section by following the link or find the overview of available relevant trainings in the table below.

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