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Reliable and compatible with R744

For small stores and HORECA with cold rooms or display cabinets, the Optyma™ iCO2 1.5 to 4.6kW (MBP) condensing unit offers reliable performance with a low noise level, convenient and easy installation, and scalable connectivity.

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Features and benefits

Silent operation with max. 35 dB(A) at 10 meters

Up to two units can be stacked

Fast and easy to setup and commission with two-door access

Connectable to Danfoss System Managers for remote monitoring and management

Operation in up to 46°C ambient temperature

Compatible with natural refrigerant R744

Can also be used in combination with AKVs

Commissioning of cold rooms - best practices

Get guidance and best practice tips on the start-up procedure for commissioning a cold room — either for starting up a brand-new cold room or after a thorough refurbishing. 

Product range


Technical selection

Technical selection

Access and download the condensing units’ technical documentation: use the filters to refine your selection.

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