Optyma™ Slim Pack

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Light on refrigerant, heavy on efficiency

Get it all with Optyma™ Slim Pack. It combines quiet operation and more

value for money with an energy-efficient and compact solution.

Features and benefits

Quick and safe installation and service

Suitable for residential areas

Optimized footprint for floor and wall mounting

Highly efficient

W09 version comes with preset fan-speed controller for quicker operation and main switch for faster standalone installation and start-up, and safer maintenance

Discover the range

  • Multiple low-GWP refrigerants
  • Cooling capacities from 0.4 to 10.4 kW in positive temperature applications and from 0.4 to 3.6 kW in negative temperatures
  • For cost-conscious customers without compromising on reliability and efficiency
  • Optimum protection of perishables, efficient operation, and longer products shelf life
  • Versatile, quiet at operation, compact, reducing carbon emissions as well as operational costs
  • Available in African, Asian ad European markets with variances (contact Danfoss or find in coolselector.danfoss.com )

Condensing unit selection


Technical selection

Technical selection

Access and download the condensing units’ technical documentation: use the filters to refine your selection.

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Case studies

A new cold room in time for Christmas with fast-installation Optyma™ Slim Pack

A high-performing cold room delivered in a matter of days, so Hurren’s Butchers could maximize seasonal business.