Fishery refrigeration systems

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Maintain high quality through temperature control

Fisheries require fast, efficient cooling systems to ensure that the fish products remain fresh, healthy and appetizing all the way to the consumer. But marine environments are aggressive to most materials – therefore stainless steel is the material of choice for all fishery production plants, whether at sea or on shore.

The diagram shows some of the critical production phases in which Danfoss solutions help fisheries maintain a consistently high quality through meticulous temperature control.

At Danfoss we have the experience and know-how to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global fish handling industry – and we have all the refrigeration solutions to provide our customers with accurate temperature control and a consistent production flow.

When hygiene really matters and corrosion is a serious risk due to the harshness of the environment in fisheries, stainless steel is your ideal choice for refrigeration systems. Danfoss brings the required competence from developing and producing stainless steel valves for industrial refrigeration for a number of years combined with wide, specialized application knowledge.

With the introduction of the SVL SS Flexline™ line components in stainless steel, you will find a wide range of stainless steel valves for industrial refrigeration. With the high pressure approvals for the products, the stainless steel valve range now covers all modern refrigeration systems, including CO2.

All products come with a wide range of approvals.

Features and benefits

Precise temperature control

Stainless steel products for high hygiene and low corrosion risk

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

From sea to cold storage

Navigate the animation below to find out more about each process area.

Danfoss Secures a Major Design Win for a Landmark CO₂ Refrigeration Project in China Danfoss

Case study

Danfoss valve station technology plays major part in landmark CO2 project in China


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Case studies

  • Danfoss secures a major design win for a landmark CO₂ refrigeration project in china
    Danfoss secures a major design win for a landmark CO₂ refrigeration project in China
    The global climate & energy leading company Danfoss is pleased to report that its award winning valve station for industrial refrigeration, called the ICF Flexline™, recently achieved a major milestone in China

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