SH 485: Innovative 40 ton scroll

A new level of compressor robustness and system reliability

  • Intermediate discharge valves: Reduce the load on mechanical parts at start up, provide safer operation at high condensing and evaporating temperatures and contribute to better liquid management
  • Surface coating on thrust bearing and polymer bearings: Improves compressor robustness in low lubrication conditions (start-up)
  • Organ pipe: Maintains safe oil level at part-load in manifold configurations
  • Integrated discharge temperature protection*: Prevents operation outside the operating envelope
  • Integrated non-return valve*: Reduces refrigerant migration from high-pressure to low-pressure side after compressor shutdown
  • Modified gas flow path (snorkel) and sealed lower bearing: Improves flooded start capabilities and overall compressor robustness against liquid slugs. Additional Reverse Vent Valve on DSH 090 to DSH 184 prevent damage from reverse rotation in case of wrong phase connections. On the large platform (DSH 240 to 485), it is monitored by the electronic board.

*For DSH Large 20 to 40TR (240 to 485)