DrivePro® services enhance security of heat supply for 49,000 apartments in Gliwice

Wednesday, 17 April, 2024
PEC Gliwice district heating plant
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POLAND: The district heating company PEC (Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej - Gliwice Sp. z o.o.) meets the needs of central heating and hot water throughout the city of Gliwice. PEC Gliwice serves 49,000 residential units, amounting to 62% of the city's apartments, as well as numerous public institutions, industrial or service, and commercial facilities.

The district heating plant in Gliwice serves an extensive 235-kilometre heating network and comprises advanced technical infrastructure. The heat generation infrastructure consists of two coal-fired boiler plants, two gas-fired boiler plants, a circulating water pumping station, electrostatic precipitators, desulphurisation, and denitrification plants.

To reduce energy consumption and extend the lifetime of machines. PEC installed VACON® drives from Danfoss to control the operation of fans, pumps, and conveyors.

To ensure ongoing correct operation of these drives, Danfoss authorized partner company Neisa performs regular audits.

Two men from Neisa conducting a Site Assessment

Challenge: Efficient and secure city heating

The biggest challenge in the operations of PEC Gliwice is to provide safe and environmentally friendly heat for the buildings of Gliwice.

Security of distribution during the heating season is crucial, so it’s vital that the technical infrastructure is reliable. Only regular audits can guarantee failure-free operation of its various components. Moreover, inspections need to be carried out during the summer months, when the demand for PEC Gliwice's services is less than at other times of year.

At the same time, the district heating plant strives to achieve climate neutrality. In addition to investing in renewable energy, it also focuses on reducing the energy consumption of pump motors, fans, and conveyors.

The system heat produced, transmitted, and distributed by PEC Gliwice is used on a daily basis by more than 49,000 Gliwice apartments and many public institutions, industrial plants, educational facilities, as well as service and commercial facilities.

Krzysztof Szalinski, President of PEC Gliwice Sp. z o.o
Neisa conducting a Site Assessment

Solution: Risk management with regular inspections

To ensure reliable operation of the drives, Danfoss Drives authorised partner Neisa conducts regular DrivePro® Site Assessment audits. The Tychy-based company performs its inspections in the summer months, considering the needs of both the district heating plant and the residents of the city.

During each inspection, Neisa experts assess the technical condition of the drives to analyse the risks of potential failure. Based on the data collected, specialists carry out repairs. 

However, Neisa’s activities do not focus only on current repairs and maintenance. At each inspection, specialists assess whether there may be a risk of technical problems or a decline in performance in the foreseeable future, and on this basis prepare a list of recommen­dations for replacing equipment or its parts, in the longer term. Neisa’s recommendations are ranked by urgency. In this way, the Gliwice heating plant has time to prepare and assess which repairs specialists should carry out at the next preventive service to help prevent future failures.

The cyclical inspections provide the necessary information about the condition of the infrastructure, which enables PEC Gliwice to prepare a service schedule, as well as planning maintenance of equipment. The service and maintenance activities are also carried out during periods of low demand for heating, to reduce the risk of failure and ensure optimal operation in this crucial period. Audit data is also used to select equipment that needs to be upgraded.

By using correctly programmed variable speed drives, PEC Gliwice reduces the energy consumption of its pumps, conveyors, and fans, bringing them closer to climate neutrality. 

Thanks to regular maintenance and repairs, PEC Gliwice has a complete set of necessary infra­structure information. In this way, it can maintain its top performance - for example, by successively upgrading drives. This upgrade includes frequency converters selected for a specific application featuring the right communication protocols or input and output cards.

Michal Michulec, Managing Director at Neisa
Krzysztof Szalinski and Marcin Drosdowsky of PEC Gliwice and Michal Michulec of Neisa standing in front of the PEC building
Krzysztof Szalinski and Marcin Drosdowsky of PEC Gliwice and Michal Michulec of Neisa

Outcome: Optimal efficiency and long service life

Regulation by AC drives reduces the energy consumption of electric motors by up to 40%. Neisa's regular DrivePro® Site Assessment audits help ensure that system parameters are always correctly tuned to maintain optimal efficiency.  

As well as improving energy efficiency, these regular checks can also improve the lifetime of machines. Constant monitoring and optimization of the drive operating parameters protects machines from possible over­loads and short circuits, as well as overheating. It also reduces the inrush current, allowing equip­ment to start up smoothly.

In summary, the PEC Gliwice district heating plant is powered by VACON® drives that regulate the operation of pump, fan, and conveyor motors. The drives reduce energy consumed by these motors, and also extend their service life by reducing the risk of overloads or current surges. Experts from Neisa, an authorised service partner of Danfoss Drives, ensure that the VACON® drives operate optimally, year in, year out.

With such a policy of preventive maintenance and the knowledge gained about the state of equipment, we can maintain high reliability of equipment operation throughout the heating season.

Krzysztof Szalinski, President of PEC Gliwice Sp. z o.o

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