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Flexible, robust and serviceable

The enclosed VACON® NXC is the compact drive that performs reliably in harsh operating conditions in, for example, the mining, oil and gas or water and wastewater industries. The thermally managed enclosure extends drive lifetime and ensures trouble-free operation.

The enclosures, which feature lifting lugs for easy handling, can be either wall-mounted or free-standing. The easily accessible control compartment for relays, auxiliary terminals and other equipment, and ample space around the power terminals ensure straightforward installation and connection of power cables. And the mounting rails and pull-out jig enable fast and efficient servicing of the power unit.

Supply voltages and power range

6- and 12-pulse supplies:

  • 3 x 380-500 V...132-1200 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V...110-2000 kW

AFE supplies:

  • 3 x 380-500 V...132-1500 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V...110-2000 kW

Low Harmonic, Active Filter supplies:

  • 400 V.....132-560 kW
  • 500 V*...132-560 kW
  • 690 V.....110-800 kW

*requires 690 V active filter

Features and benefits

Lower investment cost as no extra design, engineering or additional cooling fans are needed

Reduced commissioning and servicing time due to easily accessible control compartment and removable keypad

Improved serviceability thanks to mounting rails and service concept with pull-out jig

Lower maintenance costs due to robust, type-tested design


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3D models and drawings

3D models and drawings
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Related applications

Pumps, fans, extruders, conveyors, thrusters and power conversion and propulsion units.

  • Drives for industrial fans
    Drives for industrial fans

    With Danfoss AC drives solutions for industrial ventilation you enjoy the benefits of high precision, user-friendly interfaces, distributed intelligence and low operating costs.

  • Drives for industrial pumps
    Drives for industrial pumps

    By controlling industrial pumps with a Danfoss AC drive you can help optimize processes and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs.

  • Drives for marine power conversion and generation
    Drives for marine power conversion and generation

    Draw upon expertise from Danfoss to optimize energy storage solutions on board vessels, and shore power supplies for quieter and cleaner harbors.

  • Electric main propulsion
    Drives for marine propulsion and thrusters

    For more efficient operation and greater freedom in ship design, consider an electric-based main propulsion with engineering from Danfoss.

  • Drives for pumps in mining and oil
    Drives for pumps in mining

    Reduce substation heat load and reduce air conditioning infrastructure, with air-cooled pump control from Danfoss.

  • Drinking water production
    Drives for water pumping

    For water supply based on surface water or groundwater, Danfoss AC drives can help optimize the production process whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Case studies

  • Scheveningen harbor environmentally upgrades with clean shore power
    Scheveningen harbor environmentally upgrades with clean shore power

    On average, 1,000 liters marine diesel are saved every day thanks to the new shore power supply in Scheveningen harbor, resulting in dramatic reductions in air pollution.

  • Battery retrofit saves fuel and improves air quality
    Battery retrofit saves fuel and improves air quality

    Denmark’s shortest ferry route is now a pioneer of battery power.

  •  Energy savings for Mukaishima Dock’s bulk carrier
    Energy savings for Mukaishima Dock’s bulk carrier

    The main propulsion and thruster utilize VACON® NXC cabinet drives for environmentally friendly variable speed electric propulsion.

  • 2 month ROI for FAYARD A/S shipyard
    2 month ROI for FAYARD A/S shipyard

    Electric shore supply system using VACON® NXP Air Cooled drives meets peak demands while minimizing baseline power consumption.

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