DrivePro® Remote Expert Support

Secure remote troubleshooting

Secure remote troubleshooting

Save time and costs by replacing avoidable service visits with fast troubleshooting and commissioning support via remote access.

Our experts can find the relevant data and resolve issues quickly for better uptime. Since only authorized engineers can access your AC drives and all information is strongly encrypted, your data remains secure.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • Save up to 33% in reaction times and reduce unplanned downtime

  • Save cost of unnecessary onsite visits by letting our experts gather information remotely

  • Fast resolution of issues thanks to quick access to accurate information

  • Fast response time thanks to quick access to accurate information

  • Securely share access with authorized-only engineers with an encrypted connection

How it works

1. Place your order

Order DrivePro® Remote Expert Support together with your AC drives or after installation.

2. Tell us about your setup

We will send a checklist of questions about your AC drives, internet connection, and factory network to help us prepare the right setup for you.

3. Quick and easy service

A technician will deliver your equipment and ensure your AC drives are configured for remote access.

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