Industrial refrigeration products for CO₂

Our product portfolio for CO₂-based industrial refrigeration

Control valves

  • ICM Flexline™ motor valves - Danfoss
    ICM Flexline™ motor valves

    The ICM motor operated valves from Danfoss ICV Flexline™ series are quick and simple to handle, install and service due to their low weight and compact design.

  • Danfoss ICS Flexline family for industrial refrigeration
    ICS Flexline™ servo operated valves

    The ICS pilot operated servo valves from Danfoss ICV Flexline™ platform are quick and simple to handle, install and service due to their low weight and compact design.

  • Pilot Valves for ICS Flexline™ - Danfoss
    Pilot valves for ICS Flexline™

    The extensive range of Danfoss pilot valves include: Constant-pressure pilot valve, type CVP Differential-pressure pilot valve, type CVPP Pressure-operated pilot valve with reference pressure connection, type CVC Electronically operated constant-pressure pilot valve, type CVE Solenoid pilot valve, type EVM (NC) Solenoid pilot valve, type EVM (NO) Housing, type CVH for pilot valves, for mounting in external pilot lines.

  • ICMTS - Danfoss

    ICMTS is a motor operated valve driven by actuator type ICAD 600A-TS. ICMTS is designed to regulate the flow of transcritical gas or subcritical liquid from the gas cooler in transcritical CO₂ systems. ICMTS can also be used for other control functions in CO₂ systems. ICMTS is designed so that the opening and closing forces are balanced. Designed for high pressure CO₂ systems and applications with a maximum working pressure of 140 bar/2030 psig. 

Solenoid valves

  • ICLX Flexline™  2-step solenoid valve - Danfoss
    ICLX Flexline™ 2-step solenoid valve

    The new ICLX valves are part of the Danfoss ICV Flexline™ series. The ICLX valves are 2-step servo-operated main valves with pilot solenoid valves.

  • EVR solenoid valves, direct or servo operated
    EVR solenoid valves, direct or servo operated

    Danfoss offers a complete range of servo-operated solenoid valves for air conditioning systems. EVR valves can be used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines, and the valves are compatible with fluorinated refrigerants, including high-pressure refrigerants such as R410A (EVRH).

Valve stations

  • Valve station - ICF Flexline™ - Danfoss
    ICF Flexline™ valve station

    Unmatched freedom is the keyword of ICF Flexline™ valve stations. As part of the Flexline™ platform, these valve stations are based on a unique modular concept.

Line components and filters

  • SCA-X 15-125 check and stop valve - Danfoss
    SCA-X 15-125 check and stop valve

    SCA-X are check and stop valves with built-in stop valve function. SCA-X valves are available in angleway versions.

  • CHV-X 15-125 check valves - Danfoss
    CHV-X 15-125 check valves

    CHV-X check valves are available in angleway versions. The valves are designed to open at very low differential pressures, allow favourable flow conditions and are easy to disassemble for inspection and service.

    Regulating valves - REG-SA SS and REG-SB SS
  • SVA-S SS and SVA-L SS - Danfoss
    SVA-S SS and SVA-L SS

    The SVA-S SS and SVA-L SS shut-off valves in stainless steel are available with DIN and ANSI connections in angleway and straightway versions and with standard neck.

  • DCR burn out filter driers - Danfoss
    DCR filter driers

    DCR ELIMINATOR® filter driers protect refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning systems from moisture, acids and solid particles. A DCR filter drier is a parts program consisting of a DCR housing, a top cover and exchangeable core inserts type 48-DM, 48-DC, 48-DA and 48-F.


  • Gas detecting sensors - Danfoss
    Gas detecting sensors

    The Danfoss gas detecting sensor, DGS, is designed to help you comply with the environmental F-gas regulation and health and safety requirements. Available for industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration applications. 

  • AKS4100 liquid level sensors  - Danfoss
    Liquid level sensors

    The AKS 4100 liquid level sensor takes you to a whole new level of flexibility and accuracy. With TDR guided radar technology, the sensor is fully adapted to industrial refrigeration – reliable and with high accuracy.

Safety valves

  • Danfoss SFA safety relief valves

    SFA are safety relief valves - back pressure dependent - in angleway execution, specially designed for protection of vessels and other components against excessive pressure. The valve is designed to meet the strict quality demands and safety requirements for refrigeration installations, specified by the international classification societies.

  • DSV change-over valve Danfoss
    DSV change-over valve

    DSV are 3-way valves designed specifically for use with double safety valve systems, but are also suitable for other purposes. The valves are equipped with threads for nipple/flange connection for easy inspection or replacement of safety valves.