ICLX Flexline™ 2-step solenoid valves

A superior solution for
safety and convenience

The new ICLX valves are part of the Danfoss ICV Flexline™ series. The ICLX valves are 2-step servo-operated main valves with pilot solenoid valves.

ICLX valves can be used in suction lines for opening against high differential pressure, for instance after hot gas defrosting in large industrial refrigeration systems with all normal, non-flammable refrigerants, including ammonia and CO₂.

The ICLX valves feature all the characteristics of ICV Flexline™ valves and offer safe, flexible and convenient installation, operation and service. For instance, the standard ICV Flexline™ housing makes the ICLX valves a true plug and play solution with easy and time-saving switch between the functions.

Brochure - Danfoss ICLX 2-step solenoid valves for industrial refrigeration

Reduce lifecycle costs, increase savings and design freedom

The ICV Flexline™ control valves are not only designed to give you savings and design freedom, but they also provide a reliable, safe and green solution for your needs - both now and in the future.

Features and benefits

Full, hermetic external tightness preventing leakage

Normal closed type minimizes the system risk

Direct weld eliminates pipe flanges to increase system safety and simplify installation

Outstanding flow characteristic, ideal for systems where low pressure drop is required

Simple installation

No hot gas leakage to the suction line due to teflon valve plates and gas tight piston rings

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