Danfoss Icon2™ hydronic floor heating

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Danfoss Icon2™

Everything happens faster with Icon2™ - it takes just 9 minutes!

Danfoss Icon2™ is designed with fewer components and in-app guidance for very fast and hassle-free installation. It delivers precise and efficient control of underfloor heating with smart-home compatibility and the flexibility to fit every application.

The all-in-one designed Icon2™ Main Controller

Can be configured as a wired or wireless system or as a combination, if required.

It connects up to 15 room thermostats and is the flexible solution for floor heating and floor cooling applications.

How it works

A quick look around the Danfoss Icon2™ system

Danfoss Icon2™ delivers precise and efficient control of underfloor heating with smart-home compatibility and the flexibility of a solution that works with 90% of applications.

Automatic balancing

Maintaining the right balance in every room

With Danfoss Icon2™ automatic balancing, the system will reduce the ”on” time for the shorter pipes found in small rooms and prioritize the longer pipes found in large rooms, in times where heat demand is high. This ensures all rooms will share the limited energy available in the way that delivers the greatest possible comfort and efficiency.

The benefits of automatic balancing

Energy savings
A balanced system can work with a lower supply temperature

Simple design
No calculations are needed as Danfoss Icon2™ takes care of it all

Easy installation
No need for pre-setting

A more accurate room temperature in all areas of the house

Smart home compatibility

Danfoss Icon2™ integrates seamlessly with Danfoss Ally™ solutions and can be controlled from anywhere by the Danfoss Ally™ App, so end-users can enjoy all the benefits of a true smart-heating system. Set the temperature to 21°C degrees and that’s exactly what it will deliver.

The Danfoss Ally™ Gateway is the only extra device needed to get cloud connected and gain all the smart heating features on top.

Because Danfoss Icon2™ is built on Zigbee 3.0 protocol, customers can also control their heating with other 3rd party Zigbee based smart home solutions.

Learn more about the Danfoss Ally™ solution and the many benefits of smart heating here

Installation has never been easier!

Magnetic mounting

It’s not only the Danfoss Icon2™ controller that is quick and easy to install. The Danfoss Icon2™ solution gives you new opportunities for thermostat placement as well. The wireless thermostats can simply be placed wherever you want them. Just press the small magnet to the wall in the desired position and mount the thermostat on top.

Elegant thermostats

Looks matter. Whether you choose a wired or a wireless thermostat it will blend into the surrounding environment. All are compact and elegant and have a responsive touchscreen that powers off automatically so it’s off 99% of the time.

Iconic design in wired versions

  • Mount in-wall or on-wall
  • Only two wires for easier installation
  • Automatic screen-off
  • The frame can be exchanged for a popular frame from switch frame manufacturers such as Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Berker and Merten (only compatible for the in-wall version)

Easy configuration and product selection

With a few simple steps you can easily specify the exact codes needed for your next floor heating project and export the overview as a PDF for easy hand over to your customer.

Download the Installer App or access the browser version from below links:

This is also the go-to-place to access the underfloor heating preset tool and get the right preset for each circuit each time. Specify circuit lengths and calculate preset for your underfloor heating manifolds by choosing floor heating pipe type and dimension, define heat loss, and divide rooms into circuits.

Read more about the Installer App here


Quality you can rely on

Best-in-class components deliver reliable performance. Danfoss Icon2™ floor heating control quickly meets the need with best-in-class technology and a 5-year warranty when installed by a professional.


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