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HVAC integration in supermarkets

The closer you align your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, the easier it will be to save money, safeguard stock, and reduce your environmental impact. Integrated solutions unlock the full potential of each application and increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Harness the benefits of integrated refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions.

Features and benefits

Reduced complexity

Recovered heat can be used for own heating purposes or sold to other premises

One system for all your heating, cooling, and A/C needs

90% reduction in your heating costs

Highlighted products

  • Enhanced VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102
    VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102
    This tough and savvy FC102 drive enhances pump and fan applications in building management systems, and runs outdoors in most climates.
  • Turbocor - Danfoss
    Danfoss is the leading manufacturer of oil-free compressors and is the pioneer of the Danfoss Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor for the HVAC industry.
  • MCX programmable controllers - Danfoss
    Programmable controllers - MCX
    Danfoss’ range of universal MCX programmable controllers offers the functionality and reliability you need to get the best out of your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) equipment.
  • Danfoss AK-SM system managers for intelligent food retail refrigeration
    System managers
    The system manager is the key component of the intelligent Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration system for food retail.
  • Support - phone - Danfoss
    Danfoss Enterprise Services
    At Danfoss, we build our business on trust and integrity - we stand by you from end to end, ready to respond to your needs and always keeping our promises.

Related applications

  • Case controls - Danfoss
    Case controls
    Your refrigeration system is the natural place to look for energy efficiency gains. To unlock that potential, you need a controller, expansion valve, and high accuracy sensors that are smart enough to make the technology work together—and a system manager that can help you see and control the bigger picture.
  • CO2 solutions - Supermarket - Danfoss
    CO₂ in food retail
    Danfoss has pioneered CO₂ refrigeration systems for more than 10 years. Learn more about our CO₂ refrigeration solutions for supermarkets here.
  • Monitoring refrigeration systems - Danfoss
    Monitoring and management
    Connecting your refrigeration system to the cloud offers a world of possibilities to save money and improve food safety. Remote monitoring and management make it easy to check and triage system alarm.
  • Smart store - grid-integration - Danfoss
    Smart energy
    Energy cost is one of the biggest expenses in the daily operation of your supermarkets. Therefore, retailers increasingly look to enhance the energy efficiency within the stores.
  • Smart store - Danfoss
    Smart store
    The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and smart control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications.
  • Air conditioning - Danfoss
    Air conditioning
    Danfoss air conditioners are durable, energy efficient and affordable, you will find solutions for residential and commercial air conditioning applications.

Case studies

  • Smart store brought to life at irish service stations
    Smart store brought to life at Irish service stations
    With 230 service stations around the country, Maxol Group is the leading family-owned oil company in Ireland. Beginning in 2014, Maxol stations underwent a transformation that placed increased focus on the customer experience, offering high-end snack products and convenience shopping to people on the-go. During this transformation, Maxol wanted to upgrade refrigeration, lighting and HVAC to support store ambience, ensure food safety and save on energy bills.
  • Coop, Brazil, retrofit with integrated control saves 12 % on the energy bill
    Coop, Brazil, retrofit with integrated control saves 12 % on the energy bill
    Danfoss was responsible for the supply and installation of a set of automation controllers of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems of the store, such as the refrigeration racks, the condensers, the cold rooms, the refrigerated counters and the preparation areas, in addition to the climate system
  • Hypermarket Danfoss
    Danfoss controls in new futuristic and green carrefour hypermarket in Paris
    Inside the new impressive mall, Qwartz, at Villeneuve-la-Garenne in Paris, Carrefour, has opened a new hypermarket Danfoss technology secures that food are kept at the right temperature thanks to a CO2 transcritical refrigeration solution

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