Danfoss Enterprise Services

Introduction to Danfoss Enterprise Services

Danfoss Enterprise Services are tailored to supermarket and other food retail applications to help you maximize energy efficiency, optimize food safety, think ahead with big data and combat climate change.

Danfoss Enterprise Services run on the Alsense™ food retail IoT platform. We collect alarm information and other operational data to provide powerful insight into your stores’ performance. With Danfoss Enterprise Services you get specific, real-time and actionable data enabling you to make fast decisions and act on facts. 

The service portfolio allows you to protect your business, your customers and the local environment by reducing food loss,  improving energy efficiency whilst enabling food safety and refrigerant compliance. At the same time, the comprehensive service offering gives you documented savings of energy, equipment and labor.

Danfoss has a strong track record in providing enterprise managed services to more than 8,000 stores across the globe We collect over a million data points each week, capture on average 3 million alarms per month, allowing Danfoss experts to resolve issues remotely wherever possible rather than relying on costly service technicians.

Danfoss Enterprise Services also provides digital services and self-service tools to a further 6,000 stores. Service providers, contractors and the more advanced end-users rely on Danfoss to provide access to the cloud-platform as the enabler to self-service solutions.  

Danfoss Enterprise Services - Baltimore

Danfoss Enterprise Services run on the Alsense™ food retail IoT platform

Danfoss Enterprise Services in Baltimore delivers real-time insight to 14,000 supermarket operators and every year they handle more than 11 million alarms. 

Features and benefits

Continuous remote control ensures food safety around the clock and reduces food loss

High safety levels in the daily operation

High energy efficiency on all electrical installations used for refrigeration, HVAC and lighting

Enterprise level data collection allows benchmarking across sites

Automatic HACCP and TQI reporting frees up manpower

Danfoss Enterprise Services - Value with big data

Managed service modules for optimized store performance

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Commissioning usually takes place before new stores or new equipment are put into operation. But to get the best out of your stores, continuous commissioning should take place to ensure substantial benefits in terms of high performance, reduced energy consumption and operational cost savings. 

Danfoss Continuous Remote Commissioning provides an experienced team of experts that provides the highest level of alarm monitoring services, take remote action to ensure controller settings and asset setpoints are optimized, whilst analyzing the store’s operational and energy data to ensure continuous high performance and maximum energy efficiencies are identified and savings realized.

What’s in it for you?

  • Continuous high performance of store operations.
  • Enhanced temperature quality ensuring food safety without consuming excessive energy.
  • Sustain savings on the energy bill.
  • Identification of poor performing stores and recommendations for cost avoidance measures and improvements.

Danfoss offers 27/7/365 alarm monitoring services for your refrigeration, HVAC, energy, lighting and other equipment. Danfoss experts are located in one of our Monitoring Centers from where we provide alarm call-out services notifying stores of critical alarms, and a more advanced service whereby alarms are analyzed, triaged, fixed remotely (if permitted) or dispatched to a service technician.

What’s in it for you?

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of refrigeration, HVAC, energy, lighting, and other equipment 
  • Alarm interrogation and diagnosis
  • Alarm notification callout service in the event of critical issues
  • Access to an alarm dashboard for alarm analysis.

Setpoint control makes your store run effectively. If the weather is exceptionally warm, if a bank holiday attracts more shoppers than usual or if the sky is overcast, your staff may adjust case temperature or turn up the lighting to give shoppers a pleasant experience. But who remembers to readjust the setpoints the next day? 

Danfoss Global Setpoint Control allows you to operate with optimum setpoints for refrigeration, HVAC and lighting at all times. The service may overrule manual setpoints, restoring all setpoints back to original ideal settings. - Or executes setpoint changes across groups of stores.

What’s in it for you?

  • High performance due to corporate-wide control of setpoint changes 
  • Remote and easy reset to original ideal settings
  • Execution of setpoint changes at pre-determined time or schedule across stores
  • Scheduling of recurring jobs to enforce standards

After commissioning, it is crucial to secure and optimize your return on investment. Your staff is committed to giving your customers excellent service and high quality products. In their effort to provide this customer experience they may try to change system settings without the authority to do so.

Danfoss Password Lockdown protects against unauthorized changes to Front End or controllers during daily operation. Unlocking the system requires a phone call to Danfoss Enterprise Services to unlock the panel. Temporary passwords can be issued for specific time slots and system functionality. All access is registered with information about the user, reason for change, changes needed and date/time of changes.

What’s in it for you?

  • Operational safety
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Documentation of users and changes made

No systems are better than the experts behind them. In everyday operations, your systems are running smoothly, but then comes the day when you need human interception due to an exceptional situation. 

Danfoss Remote Assist provides support when you need it. From lighting overrides, or programming changes, to scheduled program pull backs, our monitoring experts are available 24/7 to help you out. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Reliable operation around the clock
  • Immediate help in unforeseen situations
  • 24/7 expert assistance

Supermarkets are large energy consumers in the local communities that they are part of. Demand response provides an opportunity for food retailers to play a significant role in reducing or shifting the electricity consumption during peak periods.

Danfoss Demand Response allows you to take advantage of the incentives provided by your Utility Company by reducing electricity use during peak periods.

What’s in it for you?

  • Green and responsible image 
  • Savings on the energy bill
  • Expert advice on load shedding and grid interaction
  • Unrelenting focus on food safety
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Value in big data in smart stores

Information continues to grow exponentially, and food retailers are taking advantage of big data like never before – not only to increase revenues and customer loyalty, but also to ensure efficient operation of facilities. Data integration and connectivity enable full transparency, new insights and proactive decision-making across sites, adding value to the bottom line and to the customer experience.

In the pool of new opportunities arising from the use of big data, Danfoss Smart Store is constantly developed to leverage the possibilities. When seen over a ten year period, the operating costs of the electrical appliances account for 90 % of the total life cycle costs. In other words, it pays off to use big data to monitor, manage and operate your systems for maximum efficiency.

Digital service modules

Read more about the Digital Service modules in the fold out menu below.

A series of dashboards and modules that present enterprise-wide insight into alarm performance. These include lists of currently active alarms, alarm alerts sent to store via email, location maps showing sites with active alarms (or other preferred data points), alarm volumes by region, store, asset, severity and time period.

What’s in it for you?

  • Identification of stores with the highest volume of alarms relative to store conditions
  • Highlighting asset types that are the source of the highest quantity of alarms
  • Service provider / contractor effectiveness

Temperature data from all refrigerated assets is collected automatically at regular intervals and made available to the user in a series of dashboards and reports. These reports highlight assets and periods of time that the asset is operating outside its temperature threshold, a clear indication for the potential for food loss or excessive energy consumption.

The reports provide documentation that the goods in your cases and cold rooms are stored under ideal temperature conditions. With Temperature Quality & Compliance automated HACCP reports are issued to store on a daily basis for actioning and local storage, fulfilling all national and international standards.

What’s in it for you?

  • Automatic and continuous reporting per case/cold room available 24/7
  • Compliance with Regulatory food safety standards
  • Saved manpower for data collection and reporting
  • Customized reporting to meet your specific needs

Danfoss offers a number of asset-related dashboards to ensure optimum performance of your refrigeration system, such as compressors and refrigerant level and leak detection. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Information about running conditions of compressor packs (i.e. number of starts per hour)
  • Correct/incorrect sizing/capacity control of compressors on pack
  • Overview of individual compressor utility 
  • Level of refrigerant in the refrigeration system and notification of leaks

Energy accounts for a large part of the operating costs in food retail. Real-time and continuous monitoring and analysis can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your stores and the bottom line of your enterprise. 

Danfoss Energy Performance presents a dashboard containing modules that shows the current energy consumption and cost performance across all stores. Main meter and sub-meter data are used to highlight key areas of consumption, and anomalies are quickly identified to avoid drift. You get insight into current usage against historical data to improve efficiency and save costs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Energy breakdown by main and sub-loads (subject to installed energy meters)
  • Current versus historical energy performance
  • Energy cost analysis

Danfoss Energy Baseline and Benchmark utilizes current and historical energy data, ambient temperature plus other influential data sets to develop accurate energy models that form a baseline for ongoing performance measurement and benchmarking.

What’s in it for you?

  • Energy models that accurately reflect the store’s energy profile
  • Identify outliers from expected energy consumption
  • Realistic estate-wide benchmarks showing good and poor performers.

Danfoss offers automated reports that contain critical alarm-related information that will assist the store in prioritizing their labor time to focus on addressing critical issues. Excluding the noise alarms and highlighting the Top 10 most commonly received alarms will enable store operations to be stabilized.

A dashboard showing the monetary risk potential by not addressing the most critical alarms gets senior management focus more so than simply reporting alarm volumes and reasons. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Specific reports showing prioritized alarms
  • Automated report generation received via email
  • Internal benchmark stores based on monetary risk potential.

Danfoss offers automated reports that aim to identify the source of the most critical alarms, enabling the store to take targeted action. These reports will identify assets with the highest setpoint deviations, and other control and schedule settings which may not be set to the optimum level for the current conditions.

A dashboard showing the monetary risk potential as benchmarked against your industry-peers provides insight into how your stores are comparing to those inside and outside of your estate.

What’s in it for you?

  • Specific reports identifying potential root cause of the alarms
  • Automated report generation received via email
  • External benchmark stores based on monetary risk potential.