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Reduced supermarket heating bills and CO2 footprint with the Danfoss heat recovery unit

The Heat recovery unit (HRU) is designed to recover the waste heat from CO2 refrigeration installations. Recovered heat can be used for own heating purposes or returned to a district heating utility network. It is perfectly suited for supermarkets equipped with refrigerators. The system includes a heating substation with accumulation tanks.

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Remote controlling and monitoring

The HRU is packed with Danfoss’ automatic controller ECL and offers possibilities for external communication. Further, Danfoss offers a web-based solution called ECL portal (, which enables remote controlling, monitoring and alarming functionalities from the substation. Visualisation of the ECL portal gives you ease of use, and access via a PC or Smartphone improves the level of service and reduces costs due to 24/7 access.

Construction and Installation

The HRU is designed as a floor station and it is delivered in one piece, with the possibility to be split into 3 parts which allows the HRU to be transported through narrow corridors. All heat exchangers are produced with Micro Plate technology developed by Danfoss, which significantly increases substation performance and lifetime. The standard unit layout enables preparation of connecting piping inside the building before station is delivered. Piping prepared with automatic welding machines ensures the highest possible welding quality.

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Supermarkets turned into heat suppliers

Supermarket chain focused on the green energy transition with Danfoss heat recovery units.

Case stories

Climate friendly solution

The HRU is environmentally friendly and it reduces CO2 emissions. Supermarkets in particular can accumulate excess heat from cooling systems to heat shopping areas. In some areas waste heat via heating networks can be transferred to the household. System efficiency ensures a short “return of investment” time and enables money saving for heating in the longer term.

Prefabrication ensures jobsite efficiency

The HRU is produced based on a 3D model prepared by our design department. All components - for example heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and measuring equipment - are virtually connected with piping. Based on 3D-drawings, pipes are bent, cut and welded with the support of automated machines ensuring supreme quality and short delivery times. Units are designed as modular constructions, which makes transportation and assembly easier. Heating units include an electrical wired panel, which is functionally tested and ready to use after connecting power supply to the cooling substation on site.

The Danfoss substation is a complete product: designed, produced and tested – ready for use. Danfoss has more than 40 years of experience in production of substations, which guarantees great functionality.

Features and benefits

The HRU significantly reduces heating costs (ROI in 1-3 years depending on current heating source)

The prefabricated substations reduce space demand by up to 30% compared to build-on-site solutions

Easy installation and use with remote access via Danfoss free cloud based ECL portal, or via other protocols like Modbus

All Danfoss products are manufactured according PED 2014/68/ EU and are compliant to ISO9001/ISO14001/ IATF 16949 automotive

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