Reduce energy consumption and go green with the Danfoss Heat Recovery Unit

Monday, 4 April 2022

The focus on cutting energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint has never been greater, but results are often achieved by compromising usability or efficiency. The Danfoss Heat Recovery Unit delivers strong environmental benefits as well as significant reductions on heating bills—all delivered with a short ROI.

Save up to 90% on heating bill


The Danfoss Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) is designed to recover the waste heat from CO2 refrigeration installations. The reclaimed heat can be used for domestic heating purposes such as store heating, hot water, and where possible, sold to local district heating companies.

Recent existing installations of the HRU have shown a heating bill reduction of up to 90% and a cut in the carbon footprint of up to 50%, ensuring a quick ROI and helping to achieve ambitious CO2 targets.

“We are proud of our Heat Recovery Unit, which delivers solid results for our customers as well as contributing significantly to reducing carbon emissions. It is well tested with more than 100 installations in Europe. With the short ROI, the heat recovery unit would make a lot of sense for many supermarkets with a CO2 refrigeration plant,” says Dawid Lawreszuk, HRU Project Manager at Danfoss.

HRU features and benefits:

  • Significantly reduced heating costs
  • Quick ROI (1-3 years depending on current heating source)
  • Prefabricated substations reduce space demand by up to 30% (compared to build-on-site solutions)
  • Easy installation and use with remote access via Danfoss free cloud based ECL portal or via other protocols, such as Modbus
  • All Danfoss products are manufactured according to PED 2014/68/ EU and are compliant with ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF 16949 automotive

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