Coop, Brazil, retrofit with integrated control saves 12 % on the energy bill

Monday, 10 August 2015

12% energy savings through the introduction of ADAP-KOOL® solutions

Founded in 1954, Coop is one of the leading food retailers in Latin America today. Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2014, the chain decided to invest in a revitalization project of one of its high-potential supermarkets in the town of Diadema in Brazil.

The Coop CaseThe renovation project included both retrofit of the existing premises and enlargement of the sales area with particular focus on optimum conditions in cold rooms and in sections for handling and storing perishable goods. The cold room space was expanded by 300 m2 and fitted with brand new refrigeration equipment. Furthermore, the lighting of the entire supermarket was replaced by LED lights.

Integrated Control Saves 12 % on the Energy Bill

The store decided to go for integrated control of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting to obtain optimum indoor climate and high energy efficiency in the store. The integrated control solution comprises refrigeration racks, condensers, cold cases as well as the climate and lighting system. 

“We have interconnected all areas of refrigeration in a central system, allowing us full total control of the temperature of all of the cold stations individually. We expect the integrated control solution to return energy savings of 12 %”, said Marco Antonio Feresin, Maintenance Manager at Coop.

The energy savings are all the more impressive when considering that the refrigerated areas have been expanded by 17 % as part of the modernization of the supermarket. 

Show Case for Future Renovation Projects

Coop is highly satisfied with the solution and intends to use the Diadema shop as a show case for the next renovation projects.

“We don’t have a precise analysis of the payback time yet, but it is certainly an investment that pays itself back very quickly. We plan to make the Diadema store a model for the next renovation projects in our stores”, said Marco Antonio Feresin.

Coop’s engineer in charge of the renovation project emphasized that with the expansion and upgrading of the supermarket follows a need for better control, especially since the energy costs represent around 8.5 % of the operational cost of the store. He said:

“The new technology enables us to optimize our use of resources, but it also guarantees a better quality of refrigeration and indoor climate to the benefit of our customers and employees.”

The preferred solution

Coop chose the ADAP-KOOL® solution for the retrofit of the Diadema supermarket. ADAP-KOOL® is developed specifically for supermarket, bakery and convenience applications, seeking to attain the maximum efficiency of refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting and, through that, to reduce the energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and prevent food losses.

The following solutions were installed in the Diadema store: 

  • AK-SM 880 System Manager that collects and presents information about the entire store and all installations remotely via PC or APP
  • AK-XM input and output modules that control various points in the store, e.g. lighting, air conditioning and the opening of the doors of the cold rooms
  • AK-CC for controlling cold cases, cold rooms and ice boxes

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