Mini-Flush 40

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Miniflush 40 is a pre-fabricated flushing bypass arrangement for balance, control, isolation, and operation of terminal devices. 

Features and benefits

Factory pressure tested assembly 

Each assembly is labelled with FCU location and Miniflush 40 instructions 

High flow DN15 option for direct connection to CHW terminals with flows up to 0.315 l/s 

Low flow option for LTHW flow rates down to 0.008 l/s 

Left and right handed versions to prevent clashes within the fan coil 

A wide range of connection options, including BSP, compression, and solder connections to the coil 

Danfoss AB-QM pressure independent control valve for balance at full or partial loads 

A comprehensive compatible range of actuators to enable it to be connected to a building management system or other controller 

Flow mounted drain for flushing and quick drain-downs 

Flow measurement function in all sizes 


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Tender text

  • The manifold shall comprise of a flushing bypass H-module, and a PICV on the return, drain point and fixed orifice measuring station on the flow pipe.
  • Manifold centres shall be 40mm on DN10-20
  • The manifold assembly should be fully pressure tested prior to delivery
  • Control valves in the manifold shall be PICV type
  • The PICV shall be full authority at all flow settings
  • The PICV should be capable of achieving all flow rates for the system design within its published setting range
  • PICV/actuator combination shall be equal percentage control when modulating actuators are used
  • The actuator shall be provided by the same manufacturer as the PICV
  • The setting mechanism will be a direct stroke setting type. Full stroke is not permitted
  • The manufacturer of PICV shall provide independent tests demonstrating flow and control performance of the valve

Specified Manifold: Tacotherm Miniflush with Danfoss AB-QM Specified Actuator: Danfoss Actuator range selected for the required control signal