Fixed Orifice Commissioning Valve MSV-0

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Danfoss LENOTM MSV manual balancing valves are designed to be the most versatile and practical in their category. Where the installation of other valves can be a challenge due to limited space, the LENOTM MSV valves have a hand wheel that can temporarily be removed for easier installation in narrow spaces.

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Features and benefits

Easy mounting
With a compact design and a hand wheel easy to remove, you need just a tiny room for installation. Conventional balancing valves need to be mounted in straight pipe to ensure accurate measurement. The LENO™ can be placed anywhere, for example just after an elbow, without influencing its accuracy.

Easy set point locking

A simple tap on the top of the hand wheel is enough to lock the setting.
For more convenience, the LENO™ MSV-BD comes with a green disposable key for unlocking. Simply press the green latch and the valve is unlocked. To make LENO™ tamper-proof a plastic tie-wrap (accessory) can be inserted.

Easy shut-off function
When the LENO™ MSV is locked, the valve becomes a ball valve. This feature has several advantages: The valve has zero leakage, opening and closing the valve is much easier. Closing the valve will not influence the flow setting because the setting mechanism and the shut-off mechanism are completely separate. The position (open or closed) is clearly shown by a red indicator.


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Data sheet Data sheet MSV-O English Multiple 24 Sep, 2013 3.6 MB .pdf

Tender text

Product is a manual valve for balancing flow in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems. Branch should be balanced with a manual pre-setting valve with test plugs for commissioning or/and flow verification, with following characteristics:

  • Shut-off function – with position indication - separated from the setting function
  • Visible Pre-setting from all sides
  • Possibility for tamper proof locking of the handle, to prevent unauthorized changes of the pre-setting
  • Removable handle during installation phase
  • 360° rotating measuring station (drain tap and test plugs)
  • Possible of draining and filling the system on both sides of the valve
  • Bi-directional flow possible
  • Self sealing, parallel test plugs
  • Leakage rate A according to ISO 5208
  • Pressure class PN 20
  • DN 15(LF)-50 Connection type: Internal thread ISO 7/1 or
  • DN 15(LF)-20 Connection type: External thread ISO 228/1
  • Temperature range: -20 °C - 120 °C
  • DP Max 2.5 bar
  • Valve body DZR
  • Ball chromium plated
  • O-rings EPDM rubber


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