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SonoSelect™ 10 sets a whole new standard in heat and cooling metering. With a wide range of innovative and unique features, it is simple to install and commission, and continuously delivers high-performance measurements.

With the precision ultrasonic technology, the SonoSelect™ 10 heat/cool meter delivers the level of accuracy and reliability to meet demanding energy management challenges and provides genuine diagnostics.

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Features and benefits

Easy to work with, SonoApp™: Advanced functionality can also be controlled via a smartphone by  using the innovative SonoApp™. This makes the SonoSelect™ 10 heat/cool meter easy to work with and reduces the risk of incorrect setting.

Cost savings with genuine diagnostics: SonoSelect™ 10 offers state-of-the-art, genuine, diagnostic features via the SonoApp™. This allows accurate trace ability for fast error identification and correction, much more than simply displaying an error code.

Top of class accuracy via ultrasonic technology: SonoSelect™ 10 combines years of expertise with leading ultrasonic technology to provide a new level of consistent metering precision. Ultrasonic technology offers a number of distinct advantages compared with conventional mechanical heat metering solutions.

Designed to perform: SonoSelect™ 10 has been developed to make life as easy as possible for installers. From the robust enclosure and simple display to the intuitive and smart functions of SonoApp™, SonoSelect™ has been thoughtfully designed to save time, reduce product costs and minimize reinstallations.

Best in class battery life-time: With a battery life-time up to 17 years the frequency of replacements is significantly reduced.

Flexible design: The meter can be installed in heating and cooling systems, in supply or return pipes, is upgradable and offers open communication protocols/interfaces to match every requirement.

Tender texts

Tender texts
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Tender text SonoSelect 10 English 03 Jun, 2019 472.2 KB .pdf