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Application Development Center in Nordborg, Denmark

This Application Development Center is located at the Danfoss global headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. The main goal of the Nordborg Application Development Center is to help you test new solutions and improve performance on your applications in a live environment. The placement of the ADC at the Danfoss headquarters gives you access to a wide variety of Danfoss product development teams, allowing for a high degree of cooperation during the testing period.

The 1,200m2 ADC includes three fully automatic side-by-side psychrometric testing facilities with a capacity up to 25KW (7.1TR). This laboratory is specifically set up for experimental testing – also for CO2 applications. This location is also home base for our Mobile CO2 Training Unit, which travels around the world to provide CO2 refrigerant training to installers, service technicians, and OEM engineers – you can learn more on the Mobile CO2 Training Unit page.

The Nordborg test facilities meet all generally known and accepted testing standards. On request, we can perform tests according to international and regional standards, and any other special requirements you might have. Additionally, we have the ability to test applications charged with flammable refrigerants. For a list of refrigerants and testing standards, please see our ADC FAQ.

At this ADC, we can test the following applications:

Various types of residential air conditioners, including split systems, ducted split systems, and packaged systems

  • Residential heat pumps
  • Sanitary hot water heat pumps
  • Transport refrigeration units
  • Packs for supermarket, display cases, and ice banks
  • Condensing units
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment, such as liquid coolers, bottle coolers, automatic ice cube/flake ice machines, professional freezers, and refrigerators

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