DST P310 pressure transmitter for HVAC applications

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DST P310 pressure transmitter is a smart sensor built for reliability, efficiency, and scalable performance in HVAC applications.

The DST P310 pressure transmitter for refrigeration and air conditioning
application is a robust smart sensor engineered to provide state-of-the-art reliability in harsh environments and conditions. A highly flexible solution, the sensor is available with a wide variety of electrical connectors and pressure ports.

Intelligent features – such as the new DAN sensor electronics and embedded software ¬– unlock the ability to customize several sensor settings when used in tandem with the Edix™ communication tool. Plus, diagnostics and automatic failure detection allow remote troubleshooting and predictive maintenance – avoiding costly downtime and application damage.

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Features and benefits

Fit-and-forget construction with a fully welded design that provides superb media compatibility without the use of any sealing materials (depending on pressure port).
Long-term stability through the well-known sensing element design.

High Performance
With a +/-1% Total Error Band accuracy across the application-focused temperature range and customizable calibration profiles, a more efficient superheat control is achieved.
Robust, shock- and vibration-resistant solution with high electromagnetic compatibility for use in HVAC environments

Automatic failure detection enables fast troubleshooting and root cause analysis, significantly reducing machine downtime.

Digital Innovation
Intelligent sensor electronics lay the groundwork for future connectivity with a smart interface between the sensor signal conditioning and digital communication protocols.
Smart sensor communication with the Edix™ communication tool unlocks access to sensor information and enables programmable features for quick sensor adaptation to new application needs during development and the design-in phase.

Partnership + Application Expertise
Decades of frontline market experience combined with industry-leading innovations mean we are committed to supporting your journey now and into the future.


CE marked

RoHS compliant




Speak with your sensors

The matchbox-sized DST Edix™ communication tool handles communication protocol and
enables read-and-write capabilities through the Edix™ Smart Sensor web-app.

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