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Floor heating and cooling controls ensure the expected comfort level of floor heating and floor cooling systems are met.

The basic solution for controlling a system is to use a room thermostat, designed for the relatively slow response times in floor heating or cooling. The room thermostat controls a thermal actuator which allows more or less heated or cooled water into the system. In most cases, the thermostat is mounted in the living room.

To control the temperature in multiple rooms, a more advanced control solution is required. A thermostat is mounted in every room. The room thermostats are connected to a Master Controller. Every output on such a Master Controller controls a thermal actuator, fitted on a valve or manifold insert corresponding to a certain room.

The most advanced floor heating and cooling control systems add a variety of special features to the Master Controllers in order to optimize energy efficiency and user comfort. Danfoss, for example, offers a combined 24 volt & wireless control system with several modules and accessories, allowing advanced cooling control, demand-based supply temperature and much more.

Danfoss offers a broad range of floor heating and cooling controls.

  • An advanced common platform for 230 volt, 24 volt and/or wireless control system type Danfoss IconTM
  • Wireless system type CF2+
  • 24 volt system type FH-Wx
  • 230 volt thermostats type BasicPlus2
  • Regulating valves for in-wall mounting type FHV

Features and benefits

Increase comfort: Floor heating is known for its high comfort level. But without room controls the level of comfort will not live up to people's expactations.

Reduce energy consumption: Floor heating is also known to save 5% of energy consumption for every degree the room temperature can be lowered without losing comfort. Without room controls to lower the temperature the savings will not live up to people's expectations. 

Flexibility: With a wide variaty of control solutions there is always a solution that matches the requirements. Wired or wireless, 24 volt or 230 volt, room thermostats or control systems, basic or advanced.

Danfoss Icon™: Comfort control, made to blend in

Advanced room controls for hydronic floor heating and other applications with actuators. Modular concept to cover every application; Wireless, 24V and 230V.

Product range

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    Advanced floor heating comfort control made to blend in with any interior
    Wednesday, 30 May, 2018

    At the beginning of 2017 we introduced Danfoss Icon™, a series of trendsetting 230 volt room thermostats for water based underfloor heating and other applications with actuators. Now we’re happy to announce the product range has been significantly expanded. Danfoss Icon™ provides you with a solution for all your floor heating and floor cooling control requirements.