Panels and pipes

Floor heating panels are used to simplify the installation of either a wet or dry hydronic floor heating system. There are two different system options; wet systems that are covered with concrete or screed, and dry systems that can, depending on the flooring material, be covered directly. High-quality pipes are used to ensure a system with a long lifetime value.

Wet systems

Danfoss Basic systems are floor heating systems designed for wet constructions. There are 3 models available: BasicClip, BasicGrip and BasicRail. All Basic systems are fast and easy to install with the use of just a few, simple tools. All the panels provide both heat and sound insulation. The BasicClip and BasicRail systems use the Danfoss Basic overlap panel as foundation. The pipes are fixed to the panels using clips or by mounting a rail. The BasicGrip panel contains a pre-defined pattern with knobs for pipes with a diameter of 16 mm. The pipes are simply pushed to the correct place. The Basic system offers a complete product range of everything needed to install complete wet floor heating systems.

Dry systems

Danfoss SpeedUp™ heat panels offer fast and easy installation for systems that will not be covered in screed. The SpeedUp™ heat panels consist of insulation with aluminum plates glued on top for high heat transfer efficiency. These have omega shaped channels which hold the pipes firmly in place. The heat panels are easily adapted to size without the use of tools. The SpeedUp™ system offers a complete product range of everything needed to install complete dry floor heating systems.


Danfoss FH Pipes are high-quality multilayer pipes for floor heating applications, which come in two types: The composite pipe has an aluminum core to make it 100% oxygen-tight and to minimize thermal expansion. The PE-RT pipe is a full plastic pipe, very similar to PEX pipes, but fully recyclable.

Features and benefits

Easy to install: The use of floor heating panels makes the installation as simple as possible. Equipped with the right tools, a person can perform the installation without any support.

Keep the floor warm, not the construction: Due to the insulation of the panels, the heat losses going into the construction floor are minimized, increasing the energy efficiency of the floor heating system.

Noise reduction: The insulation also absorbs noise occurring when people walk on the floor. This is convenient for the user as well as his downstairs neighbor in the case of an apartment building.

One-stop shopping: The Danfoss product range covers solutions for both wet and dry construction floor heating systems. An extended range of related products, accessories and tools completes the portfolio.

SpeedUpTM: Does exactly what the name implies. Due to the large aluminum plates and directly applied floor, the heat transfer to the floor is very fast. Because there is no concrete or screed to dry, the floor heating system can be used from the second the installation is filled and de-aired.

Installing SpeedUp with Strongboard and tiles

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