AKS 11 Color coded temperature sensor

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Pt 1000 temperature sensor.

Pt 1000 temperature sensor.

The sensor can be used for temperature logging on monitoring in conjunction with Danfoss controllers in the following areas:

  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating

The sensor comes adjusted and complies with the requirements to tolerance in EN 60751, class B.

Features and benefits

Temperature range -50 – 100 °C

Resistance 1000 Ohm @ 0°C

Enclosure IP 67

Fast time response, time constant is 10 sec. on Cu tube.

The sensors are adjusted and comply with the requirements to tolerance in EN 60751, class B

Color coded cables for easy installation

Suitable for HACCP application

ADAP-KOOL® your food retail store – with new Danfoss Case Controls Solution

ADAP-KOOL® your food retail store – with new Danfoss Case Controls Solution

The new Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® Case Controls Solution for food retail applications drives down cost and takes user friendliness to the next level with a new smartphone app that simplify design, installation, service, and use. The solution includes four new products: new case controller platform, electric expansion valve, pressure transmitter, and temperature sensor – all designed for an optimum solution.


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