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Energy Efficient solutions for Pharma clean-room applications

Danfoss energy efficient solutions enable reliable indoor air quality and precision in temperature to achieve higher uptime and improved productivity. These Pharma Cleanrooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces where indoor air quality plays a critical role in the entire drug manufacturing process.

Achieve precision in indoor conditions for efficient Pharmaceutical plant

Danfoss ensures reliable and energy efficient systems to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ), aseptic conditions, and to secures suitable precise indoor conditions for drug manufacturing. Danfoss deep application expertise and solution delivers precise temperature control with unparalleled energy savings. Danfoss technologies reduce downtime and will improve the productivity of your plant.



Turbocor oil-free compressor

Turbocor is a World’s 1st Oil-Free compressor with magnetic levitation technology, and it is energy efficient, reliable, smart and a futuristic compressor that ensures maximum uptime and performance for the chiller. Turbocor has industry lowest IPLV of 0.3 Kw/Ton – help chillers to achieve 5-star rating by BEE, India. The lowest starting current of just 2 amps reduces the need for high electrical infrastructure investment and the elimination of oil management system leads to Zero mechanical wear and tear, reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Variable Frequency Drive - VLT® Series

Danfoss Drives delivers high reliability and lower total cost of ownership across chillers, Air Handling Units (AHU), pumps, cooling towers and ventilation fans. The intelligent VLT® Drive monitors the condition of your motor in real time, detect anomalies, and alert the operator to reduce downtime. Through a combination of minimizing thermal losses, low standby power consumption and a demand-based cooling fan, the VLT® Drive operates at 98 % efficiency. Easy integration into the building management system with expandable I/O points eliminates DDC Controller for AHU’s. Intelligent filter monitoring maintains the precise indoor climate at a low operating cost.

AB-QM 4.0 - PIBCV and NovoCon

AB-QM 4.0 is engineered with scaling & clogging resistant design, PN25 Nominal Pressure, accurate flow measuring and bi-directional filling and flushing. Equipped with NovoCon, a digital actuator, it enables HVAC 4.0 systems for smart buildings with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

It offers high-accuracy control and real-time insight by reporting to BMS about the exact location of the issue or predicts the issue that is likely to occur. Maintains constant flow regulation limitation through independent pressure balancing, which lowers pumping energy and reduces energy consumption which increases ΔT.


Valves & Controls

Danfoss Valves & Controls for a wide range of Pharma cold room applications are designed for flexibility, thus ensuring the precise flow control in any industrial refrigeration applications.

Check valves: The Danfoss NRV and NRVH check valves are optimized for use in liquid, suction and hot gas lines in air conditioning applications to ensure correct flow direction.
Control and regulating valves: Danfoss Flexline™ series guarantees you a reliable, safe and green solution. All valve variants are based on one common valve body to offer outstanding flexibility.
Electric Expansion Valves: The 3-way electrical CTR valve replaces the ball valves that have so far been used to regulate the flow of surplus heat from compressor pack to heat exchanger. 
Solenoid Valves: Electromechanical solenoid valves offer advanced control of capacity, hot gas by-pass and liquid injection in your air conditioning system.
Thermostatic expansion valve: Danfoss thermostatic expansion valves offers precise operation and long service life of refrigeration system. The valves control the injection of liquid refrigerant into evaporators and protect the compressor motor against liquid refrigerant. 
Shut-off Ball Valves: Danfoss ball valves, type GBC, are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for bi-directional flow. The GBC valves are used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines in refrigeration systems.

Gasketed Heat Exchanger

Engineered to maximize turbulent flow, even at low flow rates, the Fishbone plates achieve unparalleled heat transfer. The patented D-Lock gasket system is easy to attach. It snaps the gasket into the D-LockTM sockets and keeps it firmly in place. The system is designed so that no part of the gasket is exposed to UV light, thereby extending its lifetime. Perfect plate alignment with our new corner locking system. The plate corners fit together to stabilize the plate pack and eliminate the risk of shaking. Experience the benefit of maximum uptime and efficiency with Gasketed heat exchangers.



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