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  • Turning today’s farmers into tomorrow’s global suppliers

    At Danfoss, we believe in engineering the food supply for tomorrow and we take pride in partnering with Pagro Foods in transforming the lives of many farmers.

  • Danfoss Heating assists Nantes with massive reduction on CO2 emissions

    FRANCE: A new heating network makes the French city Nantes capable of reducing 17,000 tons of CO2 per year. The project takes place in several steps and includes schools, administrative buildings, a nursery and 7,400 residential apartments.

  • First step towards smart city in Poland

    The city of Słupsk and Danfoss have signed an agreement to build a vision for the city as smart and highly energy-efficient. First step taken.

  • 10 ready-made solutions for more energy efficiency

    Let’s give you some great examples on how to cut energy consumption with smart technology. Like building flexible supermarkets.

  • Crushing the data center challenge
    Crushing the data center challenge

    GLOBAL: Data centers currently use nearly 3% of the world’s electricity - as much as Great Britain - and emit as much CO2 as all the world’s airlines combined. We have the technology to cut down data centers’ electricity consumption and use their surplus heat for heating homes.

  • Cities hold the key to sustainable growth
    Cities hold the key to sustainable growth

    Over the next 33 years, urban areas of the world will need to provide space for another 2.5 billion people. More than 200,000 new urban dwellers per day will take a massive toll on the cities. But, with connected, flexible and future-proof smart buildings and energy systems we can increase urban efficiency and grow our cities sustainability.