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  • Turning today’s farmers into tomorrow’s global suppliers

    At Danfoss, we believe in engineering the food supply for tomorrow and we take pride in partnering with Pagro Foods in transforming the lives of many farmers.

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    Danfoss Heating assists Nantes with massive reduction on CO2 emissions

    FRANCE: A new heating network makes the French city Nantes capable of reducing 17,000 tons of CO2 per year. The project takes place in several steps and includes schools, administrative buildings, a nursery and 7,400 residential apartments.

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    First step towards smart city in Poland

    The city of Słupsk and Danfoss have signed an agreement to build a vision for the city as smart and highly energy-efficient. First step taken.

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    Danfoss heats up Hamburg’s “Gateway to the world”

    GERMANY: A whole new city quarter, HafenCity, has been built in the heart of Hamburg. It is currently Europe’s largest inner-city development project, and it is setting green standards as city planners have chosen the most sustainable and economically advantageous solutions with Danfoss technologies.

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    The lost city of Benxi is back on the map

    CHINA: A few years ago, Benxi was suffocating in smog. Today, the capital of Chinese steel industry can breathe again. Implementing a district heating system will reduce the annual coal use by 198,000 tons.

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    How to reach a water wonderland

    DENMARK: Denmark aims to be the first country in the world with a carbon-neutral water utility sector. Over the last five years, energy consumption in the Danish water utility sector has plummeted by 20% - and the Danes have now even managed to create the first energy-neutral catchment area in the world.