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Home heating of tomorrow

Danfoss smart heating solution ensures that the temperature stays just the way you like it. Your home will be warm and cosy when you get home. You will also gain on savings, when you are away or asleep. Try out and enjoy the ultimate comfort experience. 

Since we spend almost 90% of our time inside, we need to make it as comfortable as possible. Danfoss offers range of smart heating solutions that brings you new level of indoor climate comfort.

Let your heating follow your daily schedule:

  • In the morning, even before you wake up, your Smart Heating solution will automatically increase the room temperatures ensure pleasant start of your day.
  • During the day, when you are not at home, Smart Heating will decrease the room temperatures to reduce energy consumption.
  • During the night, temperature will automatically be lowered to increase energy savings.
  • Plan your holiday by choosing your departure and return dates and the app will take care of the rest. On your return, you will be welcomed by your desired room temperature and comfort.

How we can help you

Higher level of comfort by ensuring the right temperature at the right time

Up to 30% of energy savings by adapting room temperature to your daily schedule

Easy use and control due to excellent user experience and convenient control via your smart phone

What are the benefits of smart heating?

Every home can be heated smarter. Increase your comfort and energy savings by letting your heating follow your daily schedule.

Related products

  • Danfoss Eco™ is a stand-alone smart radiator thermostat for in-home control of your radiator heating via Bluetooth.
    Danfoss Eco™

    Danfoss Eco™ is the stand-alone smart radiator thermostat that gives you easy in-home control of each individual radiator.
    Danfoss Eco™ thermostat works with Bluetooth® technology, which means that you can now control your radiators from your smartphone, using the app.

  • Danfoss Eco™ support

    Click here to find documentation, software info, installation videos and guides.

  • Danfoss Link™ (support)

    Danfoss Link™ is a complete smart heating experience that enables you to be in full control of your radiator and underfloor heating. You can now control your heating anytime, from anywhere, by using your smartphone.

Case studies

  • Danfoss Link app in a single-family house, Aarhus, Denmark

    Remote temperature control makes home heating easier and cheaper. The house in the quiet lane is the perfect place for an active couple like Kurt and Elly. And it became even more comfortable after installing the new Danfoss Link™ App. Kurt and Elly gained the freedom to control the temperature inside every room of their home – even while they are away on one of their regular skiing trips.