Danfoss Link app in a single-family house, Aarhus, Denmark

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Great heating comfort for active lives

Aarhus, Denmark

Remote temperature control makes home heating easier and cheaper. The house in the quiet lane is the perfect place for an active couple like Kurt and Elly. And it became even more comfortable after installing the new Danfoss Link™ App. Kurt and Elly gained the freedom to control the temperature inside every room of their home – even while they are away on one of their regular skiing trips.

“It’s extremely precise, right down to half a degree, and gives us exceptionally good comfort,” says Kurt. “Three clicks are all it takes to tell the system when we are going out and when we are coming back.”

Towards perfect heating control 

The journey towards perfect heating control began when they bought the property in 2011. Built in 1988, the house was already connected to the district heating supply, with traditional radiators fitted in each room and floor heating in the two bathrooms.
“The heating worked fine but we had to turn the radiators up or down manually to adjust the heat,”
says Kurt. “That’s something you just don’t get around to doing if you are leaving the house for work or for the weekend.”
After hearing about the electronic Danfoss living connect® thermostats, Kurt bought one for each radiator in the house. The living connect® thermostats communicate wirelessly with a Danfoss Link Central Controller.

Setting variable heating temperatures

“This allows us to set the heating to run at a lower room temperature while we are out of the house or asleep. So there is no need for us to adjust it before we go out,” Kurt explains.
From the moment it was installed, the Danfoss Link system worked well. The one drawback was that the heating temperature could only be regulated from the controller in the house - a shortcoming Kurt and Elly felt to the bone one Christmas when they came home a day earlier than planned from a family visit. “We came home to 16°C – and it took a long time to warm up!” Kurt shivers at the memory.

User-friendly app for remote control

So, when the new Danfoss Link™ App became available, they did not hesitate. First they upgraded to a new Danfoss Link™ Central Controller with WiFi capability. Then, all they had to was download the Danfoss Link™ App onto their mobile phones and table and link it up to the controller via their home wireless network.

The Danfoss Link™ App is a user-friendly mobile platform that allows accurate heating control from any location. Temperatures and times are simple to select. So, whether at work, visiting family for the weekend or skiing in the Alps, the busy couple can always keep track of their home heating and make adjustments.
“It’s extremely precise, right down to half a degree, and gives us exceptionally good comfort,” says Kurt. “Three clicks are all it takes to tell the system when we are going out and coming back. Our biggest job is to change the thermostat batteries every couple of years or so,” he laughs. “Otherwise we don’t touch the radiators at all.”

Cosy warmth at lower cost

The Danfoss Link™ App has proven useful at home as well – particularly when dinner guests stay late. Kurt just picks up his mobile phone and adjusts the heating timer, so the living room stays warm and cosy for a little longer. More often than not, the app has become a
topic of conversation.“We have talked about it with colleagues and friends and recommended it. They think it is smart, and several are now considering installing Danfoss Link themselves.”
Kurt is sure it saves them a lot of money, too.
“We’ve had the living connect® thermostats since we moved in, so we can’t make a before and after comparison. All I know is that our heating bill is very reasonable.” 
With just a week to go to their next skiing trip, the couple can look forward to lots of fresh air and exercise – and a warm welcome when they come home.

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