Self-Acting Differential Pressure Relief Controller AVPA

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The controller has a control valve, an actuator
with one control diaphragm and handle for differential pressure setting.

Features and benefits

AVPA is a self-acting differential pressure relief
controller primarily for use in district heating

The controller is normally closed and
opens on rising differential pressure.

BIM drawings


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Data sheet Differential Pressure Relief Controller AVPA English United Kingdom 08 Jun, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf

Tender text

  • Bypass valve are to be selected on the required bypass flow rate and opening pressure loss
  • The valves shall be capable of the required opening pressure within the published spring range
  • The valves shall be installed with a partner valve to enable bypass flow measurement and flow limiting if necessary
  • The partner valves shall be fixed orifice in DN15-50 and variable orifice in DN50 (high flow) to DN400


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