Automatic Balancing Valve AB-PM

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Danfoss AB-PM combined automatic balancing valves ensures a reliable HVAC system with low total cost of ownership. The valve secures perfect balance at all loads by guaranteeing stable flow and differential pressure for each zone. At the same time an actuator can be added to allow individual control of each zone. This provides an exceptional solution in Commercial buildings (Shell & Core) where the HVAC systems are established in stages or by different parties.  

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Features and benefits

Reliable heating system resulting in:

  • proper heat distribution even at partial loads
  • noise free operation based on stable low

Δp over thermostatic radiator valves even in installation where higher pump head is needed

Lower heating cost

Better indoor temperature control

Faster in simpler installation with less installation space needed

BIM drawings


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Data sheet AB-PM (DN 10-32) English Multiple 15 Jul, 2022 1.8 MB .pdf

Tender text

Branch should be balanced with a differential pressure controller for dynamic hydronic balance, with following characteristics:

  • Valve should keep differential pressure across the branch by membrane driven controller.
  • Valve should have shut-off function.
  • Valve should have possibility to mount actuator.
  • Valve should have variable setting. Setting value should allow to set a combination of needed Dp and max flow limitation.
  • Setting should be lockable to prevent unauthorized change.
  • Valve should have metal to metal sealing to ensure sufficient performance of differential pressure control at low flows.
  • Shut-off service function should be possible to do by hand / without a tool.
  • Valve should be delivered with impulse tube. Diameter of impulse tube should not be bigger than 1.2 mm.
  • Valve should be delivered in reliable packaging for safe transport and handling.

Product characteristics:

  • Pressure class: PN 16
  • Temperature range: −10 … +120 °C.
  • Connection size: DN10-DN32
  • Connection type: External thread ISO 228/1
  • Valve body material: DZR brass
  • Installation: on flow pipe with connection via impulse tube to return pipe.


  • Dp setting range: 5-15 kPa
  • Nom flow at 10 kPa: 110 l/h (DN10), 300 l/h (DN15), 600 l/h (DN20), 1200 l/h (DN25) and 2300 l/h (DN32)
  • Minimum Dp across valve and loop 18 kPa to ensure proper control
  • Max Dp at zero flow: 22 kPa
  • Max Dp across the valve: 4 bar

DN10-32 HP:

  • Dp setting range: 10-25 kPa
  • Nom flow at 20 kPa: 110 l/h (DN10), 300 l/h (DN15), 600 l/h (DN20), 1200 l/h (DN25) and 2300 l/h (DN32)
  • Minimum Dp across valve and loop 28 kPa to ensure proper control
  • Max Dp at zero flow: 35 kPa
  • Max Dp across the valve: 4 bar