Solenoid valves EV220W

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Danfoss solenoid valves have undergone rigorous testing and meet or exceed many European regulations and standards including the British WRAS, the Swedish RISE, the Norwegian SINTEF and the German DVGW approvals for drinking water.

Another key feature which applies to all our approved valves is our high-quality EPDM sealing material. This sealing is fully compliant with new strict European regulations and protects the consumer against bacterial and other hazardous contamination.

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Features and benefits

WRAS approved

RISE approved

SINTEF approved

Safe EPDM sealing protects against bacterial and other hazardous contamination

Long product life

Clip-on coil for easy installation and use

Global know how – local support


  • Clip-on coil for easy installation - available in 240Vac – 230Vac – 24Vac – 24Vdc – 12dc
  • Safe function in humid environment (IP65)
  • Effective water hammer damping
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Long life time - Reinforced Diaphragm
  • High performance, Kv
  • Available in either Normally Closed or Normally Open

Tender text

The 2/2-Way Solenoid valves shall be WRAS approved in either normally closed or normally open, the Coil shall be a simple Clip-On Coil provided by the same manufacture and available in a choice of voltages.   The Valve shall incorporate effective water hammer damping to avoid pipe vibration.  The valve & coil should also meet the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU - EN60730-1 - EN60730-2-8 and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. 
Specified Valve: Danfoss EV220B & BW.