Standard Heat Exchangers Stations Type DSE

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DSE FLEX is a compact substation platform designed for indirect district heating with up to 3 circuits with possibility to make combinations between modules if more circuits are required.

Maximum capacity is determined by temperature, allowable pressure drops and local regulations. HE 560 kW, DHW 590 kW. It is an exclusive solution designed to optimally fulfill specific requests and stringent requirements for district heating. Only available on request.

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Features and benefits

Flexible substation design saves space and makes installation easy. 

Suitable for various applications such as heating, domestic hot water and/or other water based heating systems. 

Suitable for heating of multifamily houses, commercial and industrial buildings. 

The substation is floor mounted, has a light profile, compact size and is designed for fast and safe transportation.

BIM drawings


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About tender texts


  • The packaged plate heat exchanger will consist of a fully assembled and pressure tested, skid mounted unit
  • Connections shall be screwed up to DN50, flanged at DN65+
  • The unit shall include pressure and temperature gauges, strainers, control valves, energy meters, isolating valves as per the schematic detail provided
  • Unit shall include a controller with temperature sensors as per the controller specification
  • Unit shall be pressure tested to PED standard, and capable of meeting the required max working and test pressures

Danfoss DSE Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger Range

Key Components:
Heat Exchanger

  • The heat exchanger shall be brazed (EN 1.4404) or gasketed (AISI 304) depending on system requirements
  • Maximum pressure loss for the heat exchanger should ensure turndown ratio as required by the system. Suggested minimum pressure loss is 50 kPa

Danfoss Sondex range

  • Controller must be suitable for the application and have a defined control strategy to deal with all components on the heat exchanger substation
  • Controller must use a temperature sensor on the primary flow, and a return temperature sensor on the secondary return, to maximise the performance of the primary system, whilst delivering the secondary flow temperature
  • Controller must have a safety switch off, to prevent overheating of the secondary system, in the event of system failure
  • Controller must include motor protection and motorised valve exercise, to prevent damage or blockage in the control valve
  • Control valve outputs are to be modulating via 0-10V or 3-point signal
  • Controller must have the ability to take in an M-bus signal from the meter, and display the consumed and instant energy usage, as well as flow rate and temperatures
  • Controller must have the ability to take in an external input
  • BMS must be able to link to the controller via Modbus or similar protocol
  • Controller must have a remote access portal to allow the system owner to access key performance data and amend settings

Danfoss ECL 310
Motorised Control Valve

  • Valve shall be pressure independent type
  • Valve must have an authority of 1 at all settings
  • Flow shall be set by limiting the stroke, to ensure full authority at all settings
  • PICV must have a control ratio of 1:1000
  • Actuator shall be suitable to be controlled by the specified station controller and be manufactured by the same manufacturer as the PICV
  • Flow measurement must be possible on the PICV, to ensure accurate commissioning
  • Valve shall be capable of closing at least 6 Bar differential pressure
  • Control Valve characteristic shall be adjustable, to mirror the characteristic of the heat exchanger

Danfoss ABQM with AME actuator

Energy Meters

  • Energy meters must be ultrasonic, MID approved class 2
  • The packaged unit must allow for any required diameters before and after the meter
  • Meter must have a Qi:QP ratio of 1:100 or better
  • Meters are to be capable of being read using the m-bus protocol

Danfoss Sonometer 30/3500 range

Isolation Valves

  • Must be fully lugged butterfly type
  • Leakage must be zero visible
  • Body must be cast with stainless steel disc, and EPDM liner

Tender texts

Tender texts
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