Key facts

Danfoss Commercial Compressors is a leading compressor manufacturer of fixed speed scrolls, inverter scroll solutions with prequalified drives, reciprocating compressors and condensing units. Danfoss Commercial Compressors is a pioneer of centrifugal oil free Turbocor compressors. These technologies are used in a variety of applications in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump markets globally.

More than 1800 employees on the 5 continents contribute to design and manufacturing with Danfoss plants located close to customers in USA, France and China.

  • Established base of compressors operating globally: over 11 million units
  • More than 1800 employees
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949
  • Safety certification: CE (PED), UL, CCC


2017 Qualification of scroll and reciprocating compressors for R448A, R449A and R452B for commercial refrigeration and Turbocor for R513A for A/C applications
2016 Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs: DCJ 7.5 TR and DSH 7.5-40 TR for R410A; Optyma Plus INVERTER condensing units
2015 Danfoss Inverter Scrolls: VZH 4-7 TR for R410A; Danfoss Turbocor Compressors: TG for R1234ze and VTT 250-400 TR for R134a
2014 Extension of Danfoss Inverter Scroll range, VZH.
2013 Full acquisition of Danfoss Turbocor.
Launch of LLZ scroll compressors for low temperature refrigeration.
2012 Anse scroll compressor production moved to Reyrieux.
Launch of VZH, 2nd generation of inverter scrolls and SH485, innovative 40 ton compressor.
2011 Consolidation of Secop for Danfoss, the condensing units and compressor business into Danfoss Commercial Compressors.
Setting up of ATEX lab, Europe’s first laboratory accredited for testing of flammable refrigerants in Lyon.
2010 Launch of the first heating optimized Danfoss scroll, HHP.
2009 Launch of a new refrigeration scroll compressors platform and of first generation of Optyma™ Plus.
The USA Atlanta scroll plant is merged with the Arkadelphia plant.
2008 Launch of Inverter scroll compressors.
2006 Launch of a new light commercial scroll compressors platform.
Acquisition of Scroll Technologies (USA) extending the Danfoss scroll range from 3 to 30 Ton.
2005 Launch of Inverter reciprocating compressors.
2004 Opening of a third scroll compressor plant in Wuqing, China.
2003 Danfoss Maneurop becomes Danfoss Commercial Compressors (DCC).
2001 Danfoss Maneurop is the first compressor manufacturer to launch a 25 Ton scroll, the largest on market.
2000 Opening of a second scroll plant in Atlanta, USA.
1998 Maneurop S.A. becomes Danfoss Maneurop Commercial Compressors.
1997 The Anse factory is now fully dedicated to the production of scroll compressors.
1996 Opening of the new R & D technical center and laboratories.
World-wide launch of Performer scroll compressors.
1993 Maneurop S.A. becomes member of the Danfoss Group.
1992 Maneurop is the first European manufacturer of scroll compressors.
1990 A new plant is opened in Atlanta, USA.
1989 A new plant is opened in Anse (near Lyon), France.
1978 A new plant is opened in Reyrieux (near Lyon), France.
1971 Maneurop S.A. is registered. Compressors are produced under license.