Condensing unit: Optyma™ iCO₂

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Launching—at last—the Optyma™ iCO2 condensing unit with natural refrigerant and silent operation offering an easy alternative for cold rooms and display cases.

The new Optyma™ iCO2 condensing unit isn’t just easy to install, connect, and operate. As the first unit in the popular Optyma™ family to run on CO2 refrigerant, it offers a reliable and safe option for your green transition. It’s produced in Europe, available to order—and we’ve packed it with intelligent features to make sure it was worth the wait.

With F-gas regulation, the HFC phase-down, and increasing refrigerant prices, there may never have been a better time to go greener by switching to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant alternative.

And while the launch of the Danfoss Optyma™ iCO2 condensing unit may be long-awaited, we’ve used the time to make sure it delivers beyond your expectations. As a result, the new feature-packed unit makes it even easier to choose a natural refrigerant route for small and medium sized cold rooms, or up to three display cases* per unit.

Optyma™ iCO2

Can’t wait any longer?

Meet the new Optyma™ iCO2 condensing unit and discover its many features.

A natural refrigerant alternative—available today

CO2 has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1, compared to a higher GWP for traditional refrigerants—and because it’s a natural refrigerant, you won’t have to worry about facing another phase-down.

Plus, with the Optyma™ iCO2, choosing a natural refrigerant solution for your cold room or display case doesn’t mean you have to increase its complexity.

All about easy—even on the ears

A plug-and-play solution with an easy-to-use interface, the Optyma™ iCO2 ensures trouble-free start-up and fast commissioning. It’s pre-programmed for safe installation and reliable operation—and with two doors for service purposes, you can count on easy access.

The stackable unit also takes up less space and offers more flexibility. It’s even easy on the ears as the Optyma™ iCO2 doesn’t exceed 35 dB(A) at 10 meters—decreasing the noise level by nearly two times compared to other HFC variable load systems. This is thanks to its best-in-class BLDC scroll compressor, high performance sound insulation, and low noise level fan.

Finally, Optyma™ iCO2 also offers simplicity in terms if scalable connectivity with Danfoss devices and networks for remote monitoring and management—easily adapted to your specific application needs.

Robust, reliable, and efficient

Equipped with best-in-class components, the Optyma™ iCO2 operates reliably up to an ambient temperature of 46 °C. This gives you peace of mind even as temperatures rise, and heat waves become more common.

The new condensing unit is PED 1 classified, meaning that it can be self-certified by installers—saving you paperwork, time, and money.

Also, the Optyma™ iCO2 offers a high turn down variable load, which makes it suitable for both single and multi-cold room operation, resulting in reduced operational costs.

The iCO2 unit used in cold rooms—as in supermarkets—can easily be connected to Danfoss System Managers. Plus, it’s produced in Europe for a smaller shipping-related CO2 footprint.

Ready for the green transition when you are

At Danfoss, we pride ourselves on applying our dedication to decarbonization and our industry expertise to empower the green transformation in refrigerant applications.

We’re ready to support your green transition—with our broad portfolio of CO2, A2L, low GWP-compliant products, and end-to-end cold room solutions combined with the well-known reliability in Danfoss products and guidance.

* Depending on display cabinet volumes

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