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Essential HVACR Videos

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Refrigerants in the HVACR industry

Refrigerants in the HVACR industry

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    Danfoss to showcase natural- and synthetic refrigerant-based solutions at Busworld 2023
    Wednesday, 6 September, 2023

    Danfoss is pleased to announce its participation in Busworld 2023, taking place at the Brussels Expo on October 7-12, 2023. This will be the first time the company will exhibit at the trade show since acquiring BOCK GmbH in March 2023. Danfoss representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate the entire line of BOCK mobile CO2 and low-GWP compressors – including the CO2 StarCO2mpressor with its innovative 'star' drive design – as well as the corresponding components for an efficient thermal management of buses.

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    New ‘Smart Store’ paves the way for 21st century supermarkets
    Thursday, 29 June, 2023

    New “Smart Store” will work as Danfoss’ test center for energy efficiency technology. ‘The Smart Store’ is expected to be approximately 50% more energy efficient compared to a typical supermarket with a first-generation CO2 refrigeration system.

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    ANEO Retail & Danfoss expand “Energy as a Service” offering to Danish food retailers
    Friday, 9 June, 2023

    ANEO Retail and Danfoss, the multi-national engineering group, are expanding their collaboration of innovative energy service solution for the food retail industry. After a successful establishment in Sweden, the journey now moves on to Denmark.

Case stories

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss ensures a smoother operation for a purification plant in Italy; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss ensures a smoother operation for a purification plant in Italy } else { Danfoss ensures a smoother operation for a purification plant in Italy }
    Danfoss ensures a smoother operation for a purification plant in Italy

    eco center AG has replaced its current shell-and-tube technology with spiral heat exchangers from Danfoss. Clogging and weekly cleaning of the heat exchangers is now history - with a return of investment in just one year.

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    Optimization of refrigeration system within Pyaterochka chain

    Operating costs reduction is an important process for today’s store chains that enables them to improve business profitability and become environmentally responsible. Therefore, more companies, including those in the food retail segment, are willing to invest in energy-saving technologies.

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    Turning today’s farmers into tomorrow’s global suppliers

    Learn how at Danfoss, we believe in engineering the food supply for tomorrow through precision in temperature control for the IQF and cold stores, Danfoss solutions helped sustain the food quality and improve the shelf life of the farmer’s produce. Further, Danfoss’ cold chain technology helped make the refrigeration systems at Pagro Foods versatile thus helping save energy of up to 20% which further adds to the farmer’s profitability.

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    Future-Ready Refrigeration Solutions | Danfoss

    Read to know how Danfoss provided future-ready refrigeration solutions to help Ananda Foods improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and delivering quality produce to its global clients through its efficient refrigeration systems for the food industry.

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    Efficient Optyma™ Plus ease cold room installation at new fast food restaurant

    Fast food restaurant chain’s new restaurant needed refrigeration to be quiet, energy efficient and reliable – with easy installation and servicing. Optyma™ Plus condensing units were the obvious choice.

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    KrioFrost Creates Russia’s Largest Transcritical CO2 Hypermarket System Using Danfoss Solutions

    Globus had an ambitious target: to open the new 25,000 square meter hypermarket using transcritical CO2 for its refrigeration and heating. Danfoss helped KrioFrost—a Moscow-based refrigeration equipment producer and installer—to equip Globus’ huge new store in the Moscow suburb of Salaryevo with the company’s first transcritical CO2 booster refrigeration system.

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