VFD's Capacitor Reforming & Alarm/Warning

Capacitor Reforming 

Procedure to condition the capacitors for the ideal Drives more than a year

  • The capacitors will fully get drained out during its ideal time due to the internal ESR of the capacitor
  • If we suddenly supply it with full voltage, there will be a high inrush charging current which leads to the breakdown of the capacitor
  • In a normal scenario and for all the new drives, there is no need to do any additional precautions for Capacitor. But Capacitor conditioning can be carried out if the Drive was kept idle for more than a year
  • The capacitors need to be slowly charged with controlled DC source and then only they can be used normally
  • If DC source is not available then we can use series lamps for soft charge the drives with a small rating of MCB 



Trip: Red led flashing Press the reset key to restart
Trip lock: Red & yellow led's on Disconnect power to restart the drive
Alarm 9: Inverter time

Ensure that the drive is sized and programmed correctly. Also, check for bad bearings.
Alarm 10: Motor time Check motor parameters, para 1-90 & mechanical load. This is caused by motor overload conditions.
Warning/Alarm 12: Current limit Check motor parameters, mechanical load & para 4-16-18
Alarm 13: Overcurrent Drive has exceeded 200% current surge. Check application for problems
Alarm 14: Earth fault Short to ground in the motor or the motor wiring
Alarm 16: Current short circuit Line-to-line short circuit in the motor or the motor wiring
Alarm 29, 65, 66: Drive over temp Check whether something blocking the airflow
Alarm 30, 31, & 32: Missing motor phase u, v, w

Check wiring between the drive and motor. This alarm doesn't show up when the drive is starting.
Alarm 4: Mains phase loss Measure the input voltage phase to phase & ensure the phase to phase to voltages are balanced
Alarm 7: Dc link overvoltage

Check if the input phase to phase voltage exceeds the limit & also cross-check whether there is any regenerative voltage from motor end
Alarm 8: Dc link Undervoltage

Check if there is any ac supply failure from source and also cross-check input phase to phase voltage below the limit voltage
Warning 1 10 Volt power supply is being overloaded. Reduce the load: min res 5900hm.
Alarm 15: Hardware mismatch Non-compatible option installed
Alarm 2: Live zero error An input 4-20 ma or 2-10 v control signal is missing
Alarm 17: Std bus timeout The connection to the serial communication port has been lost
Alarm 50 - 58: AMA failure AMA procedure could not be carried out
Alarm 80: Drive initialized  All parameters in the drive have been reset to their default values