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VFD’s Startup Guidelines

Input power to the unit must be OFF and locked out. Do not rely on the frequency converter disconnect switches for input power isolation.

Fusing and circuit breakers: Check for proper fusing or circuit breakers. Check that all fuses are inserted firmly and in operational condition and that all circuit breakers are in the open position.

Panel interior: Inspect that the unit interior is free of dirt, metal chips, moisture, and corrosion.

Check for proper grounding of the frequency converter as well as the motor.

Cable routing: Ensure that input power, motor wiring, and control wiring are separated or in three separate metallic conduits for high-frequency noise isolation.

Verify that there is no voltage on input & output terminals.

Cooling clearance: Measure that top and bottom clearance is adequate to ensure proper airflow for cooling.

Environmental considerations: See the equipment label for the maximum ambient operating temperature limits. Humidity levels must be 5-95% non-condensing.

Vibration: Check that the unit is mounted solidly or that shock mounts are used, as necessary.

Record the following motor-nameplate data: power, voltage, frequency, full load current, and nominal speed. These values are needed to program motor nameplate data later.

Confirm that the supply voltage matches the voltage of frequency converter and motor.

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