Industrial temperature sensors

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Temperature sensors that can take the heat

Today’s industrial processes are more demanding than ever before, pushing the limits of application performance in some of the toughest, most unpredictable environments. And when reliability and robustness are required—accurate temperature measurement can make or break outcomes.

The Danfoss portfolio of temperature sensors and transmitters—built on decades of application expertise—is engineered for the ultimate insight into your application while delivering resilient, long-lasting performance.


Different sensor element technologies can be applied depending on the equipment. If required, the temperature sensor can be delivered with a transmitter for an analog output signal.

Plus, our engineers have put specialized care into designing the sensors relative to reaction time. The sensor’s robust construction ensures minimal heat rejection resulting in a measurement extremely close to the actual media temperature.

Features and benefits

High degree of protection against moisture

Measuring temperature range from -50° C to 800° C

Fixed or changeable measuring insert

Pt 100 / Pt 1000 resistance element, NTC / PTC and Thermocouples

Built-in transmitter available

Available with marine approvals

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors overview

Experience precise temperature measurement that enables the safe and energy-efficient operation of your application.


Explore new horizons with Danfoss marine solutions

Exceed requirements and customer expectations with Danfoss marine products

Cool Talk: Temperature Sensors

Cool Talk: Temperature Sensors

The November episode of Chilling with Jens goes into details about temperature sensors. Jens is joined by sensor expert Kevin Mee, and the two of them discuss how sensors work and how to get the best out of these small, but quite significant, pieces of passive electronic.

Training and support

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