APP W HC pumps

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Run more efficiently with high pressure up to 120 bar

Danfoss APP W HC pumps are designed to produce the highest level of efficiency in ZLD (zero liquid discharge) applications. The pumps are positive displacement pumps with axial pistons that move a fixed amount of water in each cycle. Flow is proportional to the number of shaft revolutions (rpm). Unlike centrifugal pumps, the APP W HC pumps produce the same flow at a given speed no matter what the discharge pressure.

All pumps are made of non-corrosive materials, e.g. Duplex steel and carbon-reinforced PEEK.

The simple pump design with few parts allows easy installation, inspection and maintenance. Furthermore, the pump operates without oil to prevent contamination.

The APP W HC pumps are available in various sizes from 11 to 24 m³/hour (48-106 gpm). All pumps are approved for pressure up to 120 barg (1740 psig).

Features and benefits

World-class efficiency  - up to 90% at all operation points

Low complexity with few moving parts

Easy to operate and maintain

The pump is oil-free to avoid contamination

Easy scalability when coupled in parallel

Made of first-class Duplex steel to prevent corrosion in agressive environments

ZLD reverse osmosis applications

ZLD reverse osmosis applications

Learn more about how to use our APP W HC pumps in ZLD reverse osmosis applications

Save energy with a membrane-based process

Most ZLD systems are operated with a thermal-based process as standard. This process puts a great demand on energy consumption, making it a very expensive investment.


One way of reducing energy consumption is to reduce the amount of water that needs to be evaporated by changing from a thermal to a membrane-based process. This is supported by studies that show an efficiency gain of up to 75% when going from the thermal-based to the membrane-based process.


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