High-pressure pumps for ultra pure water applications

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Pumps for demanding UPW applications

With Danfoss high-pressure, PAHT and PAHT G pumps you will get one of the most reliable solutions for your next high-pressure application. In the Danfoss range of high-pressure pumps you will find pumps for even the most demanding applications within DI and ultra pure water. Those pumps handle flows ranging from 0.7 to 354 l/min (0.2 to 93.5 gpm) and pressures up to 160 barg (2,321 psig).

To avoid contamination, the Danfoss pumps rely solely on the pumped media as lubricant, no oil is needed. At the same time the performance levels of the pumps are extremely high reducing energy bills and lowering CO2 emissions.

The Danfoss high-pressure pumps offer outstanding reliability due to fewer moving parts and less maintenance. This means that the pumps typically run with service intervals of at least 8,000 hours. The compact size, low weight and durable materials allow flexible configuration in almost any environment. And finally, the total cost of ownership is lower than for any other pumps in the market due to the low energy, operation and maintenance costs.

The Danfoss pumps can be delivered as ATEX approved for use in areas with explosive atmospheres.

Features and benefits

Zero risk of oil contamination thanks to the pump’s ultra-clean technology where no oil is needed

Low maintenance costs thanks to its efficient design and all-stainless steel construction. Service intervals of up to 8,000 hours can be expected

Low energy costs due to its highly efficient axial piston design

Easy installation

Fulfils the stringent hygiene requirements, VDI 6022, HACCP

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Server installation - ultra pure water cleaning  - Danfoss

Ultra pure water case studies

Learn more about where to use our PAHT pumps in ultra pure water applications. 

Product range

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    PAHT G pumps

    The PAHT G pumps have been designed to meet the high demands within the gas turbine market. The PAHT G pumps offer the same benefits as the PAHT pumps – high efficiencies, compact design, long service life, low pulsations and no use of oil. All PAHT G pumps are available with ATEX certification.

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    PAHT pumps

    With up to 95% volumetric efficiency, the PAHT pumps reduce energy bills and lower CO2 emissions. The PAHT pumps are known for low pulsations, long service life and a compact design. Lubrication of the moving parts is provided by the water itself.

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