Butterfly valves

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Butterfly valves are the components that provide on/off regulation of the district heating, HVAC or water applications where limited space is available for components.

Danfoss VFY are concentric butterfly valves with a replaceable EPDM liner design that ensures reliable operation and tightness in both directions. They have a one-piece shaft with splines that ensure strong connection with the disc and anti-blow-out protection for safe use.

Danfoss SBFV are high-performance steel butterfly valves that together with Danfoss JIP™ ball valves complete the family of shut off valves designed especially for district heating and district cooling systems.

Danfoss SBFV are triple offset butterfly valves with unique lamellar seat design that ensures reliable operation and tightness in both directions even at high and low temperatures. They are primarily designed as shut-off valves but can also be used for simple control purposes.

The packing box has been designed on the same principle as the JIP™ ball valves. Carbon-reinforced PTFE sealing is used as it does not deteriorate over the years and can be tightened while in the pipeline, thus ensuring external tightness for the lifetime of the valve.

Features and benefits

High reliability of tightness and torque transmission due to anti-friction bearings in the long term

Safety anti-ejection circlip keeps shaft in place and allows easy maintenance

Safety is reinforced by secondary water tightness


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