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In every district heating utility, combined heat and power plant, distribution network and substation, there is a need for on/off control of the building system connection.

With on/off regulation (opening and closing) shut-off valves create sectioning of the system that enables service, maintenance and repairs to be carried out in sections, without shutting down and emptying the whole system.

When using special types of ball valves (hot tap and branching), the network can be expanded while the system is fully operational.

Danfoss JIP ball valves have optimum flow design that is represented by guiding pipes and pipe insert in the ball which ensures smooth flow through the ball eliminating cavitation and achieving a lower pressure drop.

The outcomes are lower operating costs, lower CO2 emissions and energy savings.

The Danfoss high performance ball valves are specially designed for district heating plants, distribution and transmission networks, pumps and substations.

Having fully welded bodies, the steel ball valves meet the requirements for valves used in hot water systems thus offering a high degree of security. Furthermore, the ball valves are suitable for district cooling systems.

Features and benefits

Up to 30% energy savings and low operating costs due to unique flow design of the ball valves that ensures low pressure drop and low pump power consumption.

Expected to achieve the same lifetime as the pipeline itself, which is from 25 to 35 years, depending on the conditions

Reliable and maintenance free sealing during the lifetime

Easy to open and close due to independence from axial forces and a unique break loose system

Life-long external tightness thanks to a unique PTFE / carbon stem packing box that prevents external leakage

A sophisticated spring construction provides optimum internal tightness and ensures Class A leakage rates throughout the product's lifetime


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Danfoss JIP ball valves are specially designed for district heating and cooling applications and should not be used with media like gas and oil because the valves are approved for fluid group 2 (PED 97/23/EG).

Danfoss JIP ball valves are specially designed for district heating and cooling applications. For special applications, please contact your local Danfoss sales office to consult about the precise application information.

Ball valves are shut-off valves and must as such always be in a complete opened or closed position. If the ball valve is used to control the flow, cavitation and potential damage of the ball surface (particles in media) can decrease the lifetime of the product and result in unstable system flow control.

Danfoss JIP ball valves have a special internal design that enables optimum flow of the working medium with minimum pressure loss. With lower pressure loss the pumping energy in a system can be accordingly reduced resulting in lower energy consumption and C02 emissions.

Danfoss JIP ball valves can be installed in all positions.