IPS 8 air purger

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Intelligent design for safe efficiency and simple installation

The Danfoss Intelligent Purging System (IPS) is an automatic, self-contained operating unit that helps remove non-condensable gases in a safe and energy efficient way. This helps maintain an optimum refrigeration capacity and system efficiency, allowing professionals to achieve maximum system performance.

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Maximize system performance 

  • Automatic purging response to non-condensable gases in the refrigeration system
  • Continuous monitoring of differential pressure between system refrigerant and purger refrigerant
  • Reduction of plant power consumption
  • 8 point purging functionality

Improve operational safety

  • Electronic purging helps reduce the risk of refrigerant release to the environment
  • Self-contained operating unit functions independently from the main plant
  • Easy monitoring of past purging cycles data with operation log
  • Self-diagnostics for unit and system operation to shut down in case of malfunction of air-purger components

Easy installation and maintenance

  • Cost-effective design with few mechanical and electrical connection interfaces
  • Minimizes the risk of leakage thanks to the hermetic internal cooling system
  • Plug and play, stand-alone unit eases installation and commissioning – low risk of potential error
  • No need for any advanced settings
  • Easy to handle with its compact design
  • Fast and easy pump down before service

Intelligent Purging System

At Danfoss, we are extending our wide portfolio for industrial refrigeration to include the Intelligent Air Purging System, also known as Danfoss IPS. With its compact design, easy installation and automatic purging functionality, the new Danfoss IPS helps improve the operational safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial refrigeration systems.

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See how our new intelligent air-purging system improves the efficiency to your refrigeration system.

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Case studies

New intelligent air purger from Danfoss gives Agri-Norcold better air separation and system diagnostics

Agri-Norcold is a major player in the Danish cold storage market, providing flash freezing, handling, and storage services for a wide range of customers in Denmark’s food industry. With a total of one million cubic meters of refrigerated space countrywide, the reliability and efficiency of Agri-Norcold’s refrigeration systems are critical.